Xiaomi’s Redmi Note 4 is the Highest Shipped smartphone in Q1 – IDC Data

Lot many phones are in the current trend of smartphone, however, Xiaomi’s Redmi Note 4 has been regarded to be one of the ‘most popular’ phone in demand and it’s still going out of stock in no time at weekly flash sales. Not to forget that this Chinese phone has taken the other smartphones on a roller coaster ride.

The Market research firm, International Data Corporation (IDC) states in its quarterly mobile tracker, that the Xiaomi’s Redmi Note 4 was ranked as the highest-shipped smartphone in Q1. The data also revealed the fact that the Indian market paved way for increased shipments of these phones. As per the data there was an increase of 14.8% in terms of growth of the shipments of smartphones.

The IDC report says “Two new launches, Redmi 4 Note, and Redmi 4A, in the first quarter of the year not only drove the volume growth for Xiaomi but also helped vendor to lead online smart phone shipments with 40.6% share.”

IDC Most sold smartphones
Source : IDC

IDC reiterates that about 51.4% share in the smartphone shipments in India is held by the Chinese smart phone producers which was evident in the first quarter of 2017.

Samsung had two launches in Q1 2017, which involved J2 series, C9, and A-series (2017 version). Samsung sold a million units accordingly. Xiaomi was in the second spot, thanking the two smart phones, 4 Note, and Redmi 4A which helped it to stick to the rank thus displayed by the stats data of IDC. The statistics also displayed the surpassing of Lenovo and Oppo by Vivo which came third.

The data exhibits ‘Almost two third smart phones sold by China-based vendors are in the price range of $100. (about Rs. 6500) to $200 (about Rs. 13000) in India. It has shifted the mass segment which used to be less than $100 to $100 to $200 in India contributing almost half of smart phone shipments in Q1 2017’.

The IDC data also added ‘The focus of China-based vendors remains on bigger screens, nine out of ten smart phones shipped by China-based smart phone vendors were 5-inch and above in Q1 2017’.

There would be intensity-bound with regard to the competition between the China-based smart phones and other companies’ smart phones, even though the homegrown vendors are making sincere attempts to recapture the market that they had lost.

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