Xiaomi Mi Smart Speaker announced; Price at $45 only

Xiaomi Mi Smart Speaker

Apart from the announcement of MIUI 9 by Xiaomi in the event held in Beijing on July 26, 2017, the company also announced a smart speaker. The Mi AI Speaker will use the voice-controlled features and would allow customers to control other smart Xiaomi products by voice, like the light switches or multimedia devices. It’s priced at 299 RMB ($45 in USD).

Early bird users in China would get the Mi Smart Speaker for almost free – Just 1 RMB. Xiaomi said referring to the working-beta test that  will improve the AI systems.

Reports said that the new Xiaomi smart speaker looks like the ‘Amazon’s Echo unit’. It has a multi-colored LED ring at the top. This lights up when the speaker is on and apart from this there are a total of 6 omni-directional microphones that can pick up sounds from up to 16 meters away.

The device benefits from three speakers that Xiaomi claims deliver “excellent audio quality” – one in the base and two on the sides.

It not only can stream music, audio books and live radio, but can also integrate with plugins that will enable to take calls, deliver notifications and reminders. A large online library with stream content for the AI Speaker is available, along with the other mentioned features.

The price of the produce is fixed at $45 (¥299) and it seems to be quite appreciated as it is affordable. The timely announcement of MIUI 9 which is with Mi 5X gives a boosting effect to the sale factor while considering the effect of the announcements made which also includes the smart speaker.

This again comes as a great challenge for all the tech-based companies who have off late introduced their smart speakers, be it the Amazon’s Echo or the Siri Speaker of Apple Inc., each have their own strategies to give a good strike to the other in the prescribed market.

We as customers will decide based on what is favorable more to us!