Xbox One X Unveiled by Microsoft

The Electronic Entertainment Expo on Sunday saw the announcement of a next gaming console by Microsoft which is the Xbox One X. This was a long awaited Microsoft’s Project – Scorpio. The product is stated as world’s first 4K console. Microsoft stats state it to be the most powerful and smallest Xbox compared to the other consoles.

The Project Scorpio which was only an idea last year during the E3 event, was executed as a project by the company in April. This is the time when it came out with complete spec-sheet. The things not revealed were – name, design and price. Reports reveal that, the Xbox One X resembles Microsoft’s incumbent Xbox One S console.

The product will go live on shipping globally by November 2017. The launch of the product in India has not come into light yet. The wait is probably going to be less or more, depends on the company’s reveal on this aspect. The price of the Xbox One X starts at $499. At the E3 Microsoft announced  42 new games for the Xbox One family of console, Xbox One S, the Xbox One X along with 20 plus being Xbox-exclusive titles.

The Forza Motorsport 7 runs at native 4K and 60fps. It is indicated that Xbox One S was used as a reference for Xbox One X. It has 245 watt internal power supply and standard figure-eight power socket. Kinect port is not available, however, it has HDMI.

The feature of Hovis-vapour-chamber cooling technology which is used in high-end PC gaming cards such as Nvidia GTX 1080 is used in the Xbox X One. The console supports Dolby Atmos for gaming, headphone and includes the format named HRTF.

In the market it boasts of being better than Sony’s Playstation, however, looks like the Sony PS4 Pro. Microsoft comes with many exclusives which could work with both on Xbox One S and the Xbox One X. The new console hits the shelves and there! Forza Motorsport and Crackdown 3 are ready by then.

The huge competition in the market is basically because of the Xbox manufacturing competitors, who are coming up with varied specifications. However, the innovators of the product, Microsoft knows the best from 2013.

May be its for a tough one this time.