Who Is Going To Be The Real Life Devsena?

Prabhas Bahubali

After the nation-wide question being answered “Why Katappa killed Bahubali?” there arises a new question for Prabhas as to who is going to be his real life Devsena?

Bahubali fame Prabhas is undisputedly industry’s new heartthrob for whom any girl can go on her knees. The Indian Bahubali has not just reigned Mahishmati but is now reigning the hearts of many Indian girls. He has charming and killing looks which are enough for any girl to fall for him. After his role in Bahubali he has become the most searched actor on the Internet and now there is news about his marriage.

The actor has already become a household name and after the man with golden heart Salman, now Prabhas has become the most eligible bachelor and is usually pounded upon with questions about his marriage for which he is ready to dodge the questions.

After the release of Bahubali the conclusion, there have been rumours about Prabhas and Anushka Shetty tying the knot. These rumours fuelled up due the superb on-screen chemistry shared between the two on the sets of Bahubali which will be cherished and remembered for years to come, their chemistry is so loved by the audience that they want the reel life couple to become a real-life couple. There also have been rumours of Prabhas getting married to the daughter of a popular industrialist in 2018 but this news has also been denied by the actor’s family.

The new trillion dollar question when will Prabhas get married and to whom he will marry is finally answered by the actor himself at a promotional event for his new film. He finally answered that he has no plans of getting married and settling down soon and is in a mood to concentrate on his upcoming film Sahoo. This is definitely good news and a sigh of relief for the entire female fan following of Prabhas, they still have a chance!