Russian Blogger sentenced 3½ years Imprisonment for Playing Pokemon Go in Church

Ruslan Sokolovsky

It is weird but true, that a Russian Blogger Ruslan Sokolovsky was put behind bars in Yekaterinburg, in the Russian city, for playing ‘Pokemon’ game in the church. He was convicted only after he posted the video on YouTube.

The blogger seems to have gone against the holy decorum of the church. The man was sentenced to a suspended sentence of three and a half year of jail for such action inside the church.

Commenting on his conviction, Ruslan said that the Pokemon were much easier to be located than ‘Jesus’. His swearing at church was another reason for him being convicted.

The blogger would not have been under this accusation if he had not called the arrest (if happened) as ‘nonsense’. The Blood Zapping Pokemon was the character which he followed while playing and this can be played when you show the mobile around.

This was termed to be against the spiritual norms of the church, especially when the man posted the video of playing the game in real life (where you go around looking for the characters).

The game also cost the man the suspended imprisonment, basically due to the attitude that he showed before entering the church. The court suspended 6 months from the sentence of three and half years and finally decided to go with three years sentence of probation. He had compared the Lord to Zombie in the past. In 2012 he was convicted for confusing the believers of God. The act such as this one from him was regarded as an inciting hatred towards the beliefs of common people.

He was supported in the past by the crowd of the state against his arrest in 2012. This time also his luck was again harsh on him, which eventually gave away the sentence against him claiming him to be accused for ‘blasphemy’.