Microsoft introduces Bluetooth Keyboard with ‘Fingerprint sensor’ built-in

Microsoft fingerprint mouse

Microsoft again ranges high with its newly introduced ‘Bluetooth keyboard’. The company has come out with the ‘fingerprint sensor keyboard’ and has made a buzz as usual in the electronic market.

The said keyboard is called ‘Microsoft Modern Keyboard’ and codenamed as C3K1780. The product involves a lot of features as planned by the giant who possibly would like to align it with the Windows Push 10. The idea of easy authentication via Windows Hello is brought into real, through the integration of the ‘finger sensor’ concept designed by the company.

The similarities are quite found to that of the Surface keyboard (the one which was launched by Microsoft last year along with Surface Studios); however, there seems to be many more features included to enhance the performance of the ‘Microsoft Advanced Keyboard’.

The company also has concentrated on the batteries that form the source of the product, wherein it has decided to go with the built-in battery which could be recharged. It has said ‘no-no’ to the ‘AA’ batteries to avoid complications. Also, the emphasis has been laid on the USB wired mode, which would in turn make it possible for charging facilities.

Above all, the keyboard is designed to provide the experience of ‘fingerprint sensor’, which will enable the users to configure ‘Windows Hello’, without using the dedicated infrared camera. The sensor facility would be kept next to the numeric keyboard, enabling authentication made easy to the desktop. It is similar to the hardware used in the laptops.

It is also believed that the premium quality keyboard would be the choice of the company, including the feature of Alcantara material. The wraps off of the surface laptop was taken out by the company and was covered with Alcantara material. It seems that the company would go towards the usage of such materials on its keyboards.

The launch of the Microsoft Modern Keyboard is believed to happen on May 23, this year, at Shanghai, along with the Surface upgrade and various other accessories. The information related to the pricing of the product is still not revealed yet. However, it seems like the product would be on the sale factor come April and would be live next week.