Waymo Will Now Drive You to Walmart, Without Chauffeurs!

Waymo Will Now Drive You to Walmart, Without Chauffeurs!

Walmart has somehow quite figuratively thrown us off our driving seats with its new innovative scoop in the field of grocery and delivery. While the news of bigger distribution centres and time-smart deliveries of big retailers are still floating around, Walmart is taking full advantage of automated technology. They are taking the back seat and asking consumers to do the same.

Waymo’s latest technological advances can prove to be extremely useful in the grocery industry. It may very well change the way customers shop. Internet and e-commerce have already made it convenient to shop with just a screen tap. Consumers don’t even have to step out to physically shop. Place an order online and groceries are delivered to your doorstep. But with Waymo in the picture, things are going to get interesting. The autonomous automobile company is partnering with Walmart and various other businesses in the Phoenix area to give customers free rides to their destination. Here comes the twist though – do not expect to see a driver!

Participants in this program will get a free ride to Walmart and back once they have placed their order online. In the meantime, the order will be processed at Walmart by personal shoppers till you arrive in the self-driving car. This pilot program kicks off with 400 participants within a 100-square-mile radius of Phoenix. Traditional methods of buying grocery have transcended the internet and mobile applications where customers can buy products with a simple click. Such assistance could be a viable alternative for customers who prefer to physically shop for their groceries but have no way of getting there.

Our personal shoppers get to work meticulously picking customers’ orders based on their pickup times. Waymo does the rest!” said Walmart’s Vice President Tom Ward. Self-driving cars are definitely going to be a hot topic in the coming months. Adding assertively to their new concept, Tom added, “They transport customers to and from a pickup, and all the while, those customers can text, nap or work.

While companies are coming up with attractive and efficient methods to entice customers, competition is burgeoning. Could Walmart’s strategy of blending in with fourth-generation technology perhaps be a backhand shot at Amazon’s two-hour Prime Now delivery gimmick?

Walmart is probably the first grocery giant to start this service and it’s a plausible assumption that many others will follow in its footsteps. Customers always want something convenient, refreshingly new and retailers are in a constant tussle to provide the very same. The new millennial is always on the lookout for what’s new and exciting rather than what’s tried and tested. It’s crucial that retailers maintain a balance between ingenuity and reliability to make sure their customers stick to their brand. Will consumers embrace Walmart-Waymo association with open arms? Time will tell!

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