Walmart Moves to Make it’s Farmigdale Store a Supercentre!

Walmart interested to expand its business model, is in the process of seeking approval to add up a giant supercentre to their already existing Farmingdale store. With a 62,450 square feet addition, the market giant plans to add up a grocery store with additionally extended departments.

We wish to upgrade our business model to offer our customers an eased shopping experience with a one-stop shop under a single roof”, said Walmart spokesman Phillip Keene on Tuesday in an interview showcasing some real enthusiasm over the project.

Walmart Inc.’s proposal to enlarge the Farmingdale store situated on 965 Broadhollow Rd., has been scheduled to be discussed in a public hearing at a board meeting planned for August 6 in the Town of  Babylon. The building size is bound to increase over 40%, approximately 219,450 feet if the project gets approved.

The proposal also highlights plans for new entrance foyers with a pick-up drive through being constructed for online order convenience. 

The application for site approval plan was submitted back in September 2017 as stated by Babylon spokesman Kevin Bonner. He further added, ‘The site plan needs to be approved by various departments including Zoning Board of Appeals approvals, to weigh the consequences of the running project. For this big a development plan, the layoff time between the application submission and public hearing was pretty standard though!’

The Farmingdale store that started in 2007 already caters to auto-care, pharmacy options, vision centers and a store pickup facility for online orders. It houses a Subway restaurant as well.

It shall amaze you to know that Walmart supercentres are almost 85,000 feet larger than their regular stores. ‘The grocery section houses a full-service of fresh product sections, bakeries, an expanded freezer and an exquisite of Dairy products’, Keene said.

This expansion would also house an addition of the beauty, health and baby sections to the supercentre.

Keene also seemed interested in a few more updates to the store, if this goes well approved. Long Island has a total of 12 Walmart stores, out of which the Valley Stream is the only supercentre.  This store ranks 8th from the top of the grocery store list, situated in Long Island including all the warehouses and drugstores. This covers a 4.94 percent of the market share according to a June report published by a Columbia Maryland-based publication – Food Trade News.  

The largest market share in Long Island is held by stop and shops with a 21.02 percent market share followed by an 8.16% share held by ShopRite.

Dozens of shop stores have already been upgraded since the past five-six years and Keene says, ‘Walmart Supercentre conversions are a significant part of the across nation plan but this shall be enough for Long Island right now’.

Walmart supercentres account for the maximum amount of market share for grocery sales across the country and it is bound to witness further growth, hence they are expanding the business segment altogether, says Jon Hauptman, a grocery industry analytics expert from a North Carolina based firm.

He added, ‘I feel each one of these retailers is expecting growth in Food and Amazon which certainly doesn’t make the market any easy. Walmart, being the big giant, is also witnessing the food shares diverting to other channels like assortment stores and dollar shops.

A huge 67% superstores are already in the United States out of Walmart’s 5,295 locations including Sam’s Club Warehouse stores. While the expansion from stores to supercentres has set the ball rolling since long, let’s keep our fingers crossed for Babylon’s approval on Walmart’s expansion plans.

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