Upcoming Vivo Smartphone with Dual Camera & On-Screen Fingerprint Sensor Leaked

Vivo smartphone with on screen fingerprint
Leaked Vivo Phone | Image Source: Weibo

The new Vivo smartphone video has been leaked where an on-screen fingerprint sensor has been displayed. The purported leaked video was shared on Weibo, the Chinese social networking site showing the unlocking of the screen through the fingerprint.

The phone has an all-metal unibody design and has a dual-rear camera. Reports by Gizchina states that the product looks similar to that of Vivo X9 Plus. Gizchina was the first to report about the Weibo video. Also, to note, there is a front-facing physical fingerprint scanner clubbed in the home button, however, the same is not shown in the video.

The video was shared by leading smartphone analyst Pan Jiutang, who stated that Vivo will be the first to launch the ‘fingerprint sensor’ technology as referred above.  Apple seems to bring the tech into the ‘global mainstream’ as per Jiutang in his Weibo post. However, nothing as of now is clear on these terms till Vivo plans to display this technology in the coming Mobile World Congress at Shanghai, later in this month.

It is believed that the on-screen fingerprint sensor on the smartphones would make their debut this year and also that Apple would use this technology in its next iPhone series. However, this is as per the information from the sources available. Reports also stated about Samsung, which had problems running the technology.

Again, some of the fingerprint module makers have stated that they would be shipping the on-screen fingerprint sensors to the ‘global handset manufacturers’ and it would be done this year.

Sometime earlier this year CrucialTec (the fingerprint module maker) had advised going with high-res scanning through the glass and with a design such as the button-free.

Synaptics, another fingerprint module maker had introduced their optical fingerprint scanner for the smartphones and tablets last year. This technology has the capacity of high-resolution scanning through 1mm of glass with a button-free design.