Vinci 2.0 – AI Sports Headphones is the best Apple Airpods Alternative

Vinci 2.0 is the latest AI sports headphone that will serve as not only the budget but also the best Apple Airpods alternative. The all-in-one, Voice-controlled AI.15,000 skills with Alexa is here with the feature of ‘Noise cancellation’. This means that there is no need of the phone, just carry the portable headset that has all that you need when out relaxing or working out. The headset Vinci 2.0 helps in the best possible way in order make you comfortable with what you are doing without the phones next to you.

You could still be connected to the phone while you workout and enjoy the same. Its a phones-free and hands-free concept that will enable to do things outside your house without any hassle and pressure of carrying the phone.

Vinci 2.0 is a Standalone music pack

Vinci 2.0 is a standalone music pack that proves to be better than Airpods.

You can also make calls directly and play music. The storage capacity is way beyond the one carried by Airpods. Vinci 2.0 has the internal storage 8 G (up to 2000 songs)

Amazingly, you could have direct streaming from music sources like Spotify, Amazon music, Sound Cloud and KKBOX to enjoy the kind and type of music that you would like.

Again, you could know how fit you are by tracking your fitness through this device. It would also depict your heart rate and your fitness level.

With the amazing features such as the voice control and Gesture control, you can avail the same to be a part of life.

A reliable companion for the ones who are embedded with sports and love to be on the road or ground as it can be held with in order to add a workout which turns out to be a fun-loving one.

It is regarded as a Testimonials in NYC gym.

The features of Vinci 2.0 that keeps you connected

It comes with the Quad-Core ARM Cortex A-7 processor and WiFi, 3G cellular and Bluetooth connectivity. It can be asked to make a call, send a text message for you, give you the directions that you need or even you could ask it to set the reminders when needed.

You can with lot of hope leave the phone behind and have a library of over 42 million songs at your service through this amazing gadget Vinci 2.0.

Notifications from the phone that you leave behind would be received by you through this as it has the feature to provide you with the notifications, even though you are not near your phone.

It can be used when you lift weights, jog, or cycle. Again this supports 20+ languages. One would be surprised about the clarity of the voice as Vinci 2.0 used a bone conduction mic for crystal clear voice recognition and not to worry about the commotion around you.

Its again used in military, emergency services when the near-field voice recognition is required.

The device Vinci 2.0 weighs 86 gram and has a holding force of 150g and would not fall off, even when you are in one of your most rigorous activities. The shape of the device Pentagonagon” that keeps it intact on your ears and is flexible when around your neck. It is sweat-proof.

The battery charge is long-lasting as it has a 600 mAh lithium-ion battery that is designed to charge quickly and last the entire day.

You could have the earbuds replaced as they are provided with the pack of Vinci 2.0. Enjoy this device with 5,850 hours of audio tuning option.

Vinci 2.0 has won a lot of awards for its design, one of which is the International Design Excellence Awards’ 16.

This ‘close to your heart’ headset will be available at a kickstart of US $ 89. Choose it from 4 different colors, whichever, as per your choice. Enjoy the ‘7 days no questions asked return policy’ along with the 30 days free exchange offer.

So go in for the best selection of colors and enjoy your workout without the worry of phone not being around you.

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Written by Meenakshi Vanidasan

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