Verified WhatsApp Business Account are now official

verified Whatsapp for business app

WhatsApp, as it is has become the ‘talk of the town’ already and is in use with billions of users all over the world. Facebook was keen enough to acquire WhatsApp for a candid reason that it would come out with the similar factorial theory to be imbibed in the same way as used in Facebook Messenger app.

WhatsApp in business is used as one of the best source to communicate with the customers, and in Asia in particular the usage seems to be high. Now to make it more interesting Facebook has thought to introduce the verified WhatsApp business accounts and the same could be used confidently to communicate in business as it is more safe and authentic.

A free business app for small companies and a separate enterprise solution for large scale organizations would be introduced.

It is believed that WhatsApp is still testing its tools as part of a closed pilot program, with selected companies being on the list.

Companies once starting to use the facility of WhatsApp, could use it for different functions, such as flight updates from an airline or delivery notifications from a courier, etc.

The icon which is more popular in Twitter could be seen in usage by the verified accounts so that it is a confirmation to the recipient as well, that, WhatsApp has confirmed the business’ identity. Facebook has a grey badge for verified business pages, while WhatsApp will get the Green tick mark icon.

Again, WhatsApp would let you know if you’re talking to a business profile account, by showing a yellow text bubble in the chat. Interestingly, the texts can’t be deleted, on the contrary to the regular chat that has the deleting facility.

If this facility is not provided by WhatsApp in the US, no hassle! The same can be downloaded from the Google Play Store.

Feedback from the user would be surely taken into consideration and improvements before the feature is fully rolled out for everyone would be made by the company.

Knowing ‘WhatsApp’ with yet another feature hopes to be a relief for the business platform.