Unlocked Nokia 8 expected to be priced at €517.42 in Europe

Nokia 8

Nokia 8 as announced by HMD Global would be released soon. Pekka Rantala, the Managing Director of HMD is very excited as he said that the company is planning to unveil several smartphones with different models. He said this while communicating with the Finnish publication.

The company again has brought forward the official event which it will host on August 16 this year. In the event, the phone, Nokia 8 will be unveiled.

Most of the audience know about the image factor of the phone due to the ‘high’ leaks that went out even before the event was to be hosted. In a way these leaks help the company’s promotional aspect to some extent on one side and on the other, information has to be shared and not kept within the box of secrecy until it has secret effects otherwise.

Nonetheless, the same has not effected the company, HMD’s reaction to it as they are busy with what had been already planned. And more on this is the price factor, which the company, on the course to beat the competitors has thought of a quite reduced price for the phone. May be the strategy works for the best for the company itself as rest is to the customers to decide.

HMD as per the rumors is planning to launch its flagship at a price little less than €600 or $600 (in the United States). Whatsoever, the company has seemed to price it lower than the other quite high-end mobile companies.

Vodafone Romania has reported to put it at €517.42, which seems to be even less than what was rumored.

In the Western Europe markets, the price policy of Romania seems to be same. This means that Nokia 8 would cost for the same price in Germany, Italy, Spain and other countries in the region. The differences, however, would be due to the VAT tax that is not same in the EU countries.

The exact picture would come into effect when the company open’s its talk on it.