UAE based Indian Businessman to invest Rs 1000 cr in The Mahabharata Movie

Mahabharata movie
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The Mahabharata, Indian’s biggest ever motion picture is now going to be produced by a UAE-based Indian businessman, B R Shetty. He is investing not less than Rs 1,000 crore in the ‘Mahabharata’ remake. V A Shrikumar Menon, a famous advertising filmmaker is going to direct it. It could be the most expensive film and looks like he planning something like Bahubali.

The film will be produced in 2 parts and programmed to go on the floors by September 2018 and most probably it will be released in early 2020. 90 days commencing the first part, the second part will be released as per planning.

“The film will be shot primarily in English, Hindi, Malayalam, Kannada, Tamil and Telugu and will be dubbed into major Indian languages and leading foreign languages,” a release from a business owned by serial capitalist and B R RPT B R Shetty, who is backing the film, said.

“This film will have an identity across continents, with their representatives donning the myriad characters in The Mahabharata! A global team led by an internationally renowned casting director will handpick the cast,” the release said. Mohanlal Nair, Malayalam films actor has been chosen to play the role of Bheema.

“The screenplay is written by the writer himself, who holds a record of maximum national awards for screenwriting in the history of Indian cinema,” the release said. This prehistoric Sanskrit epic has been a matter of creative variation in diverse formats for a lot of decades. There have also been labors to render it, but accomplishments have been inadequate to the stage or series for small screen audiences.

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No doubt, this special venture is going to be one of its kinds to handle the epic which is still live in hearts and minds of innumerable audiences at a big level.