Trump Signs ‘Buy American Hire American’ Executive Order, Major H-1B Visas Changes

Donald Trump
Donald Trump | Image Source : Wikimedia Creative Commons

Donald Trump, the president of United States on Tuesday, ordered their representatives to review the US visa program to bring the high-skilled workers in America with some possible changes ahead. Trump has sign so-called “Buy American, Hire American” execution order today.

Trump signed an executive order to carry out the campaign to put “America on first” on H-1B visa program. Trump is planning to replace the current lottery for the H-1B visas through the merit-based system that will restrict the visas to the highly skilled workers. The reports revealed that the Indian national are the highest on numbers to receive the H-1B visas annually.

This change may effect on some companies like Tata Consultancy services, Infosys, Cognizant Tech Solutions Corporation that connects the U.S. Technologies with their thousand of foreign engineers & programmers. However, nor response is coming from those companies to requests for comment.

Apart from addressing the visa issue, he also ordered the government to review the government procurement rules that favours the American companies to see whether they are actually benefiting in terms of the economy especially the core company like U.S. Steel industry.

He said, “we are sending a powerful message to this world with this sort of action: we are going to protect the jobs, defend our workers & at the end put America first”.

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This decision of bringing the merit-based H-1B visa system could attract the people with more advanced technological & scientific skills. At the same time, this will take a long time to prove the effectiveness of the workers.