Topwise Communication to hit the Indian Market with COMIO Mobile

Comio Mobile

After the mobile market was filled with varied mobile phones like Xiaomi, Vivo, Micromax, here is another Chinese mobile which is going to hit the Indian market very soon. Topwise Communications, one of the Original Device Makers(OEM) in China would be introduced to the Indian market. However, the brand name under which it will be introduced would be COMIO. The company Topwise has been in the market for mobile phones for over a decade. It was started in the year 2005 and the COMIO brand was launched in the year 2008. It has been selling mobiles in varied range of prices.

The reports stated that the official launch of the brand COMIO would be done by August 2017. The website for the phone which is is still being built. Sanjay Kumar Kalirona is the CEO and Director of COMIO in India and he would be responsible for the operations of the company undertaken in the Indian market. The price range for the mobiles in the Indian market could be between Rs. 6000 to Rs. 12000.

Topwise Communications has its current office in India in New Delhi and the Indian market is said to become the second largest smartphone market by 2018. It is still under speculation, whether, any new smartphones will be made for only Indian markets under the COMIO.

The company as per Sanjay Kumar Kalirona (who worked with Zen mobiles and Akai) looks at a slow and steady growth in the market and has long-term plans in this regard. Even though there has been no outward affect displayed by the other mobile companies, the heat developed with the introduction of this mobile has not subsided yet and is going to have a greater effect in terms of the competition and stability in the market. Samsung is another company which is on the competitor’s list, in spite of having quite a strong market in India.

Company has also planned to setup a Comio mobile website in India with the name as

The huge competition will reveal and result when the consumers decide to go with whichever mobile they prefer the best.