‘Wink Bar’ is a Smart Handlebar to make any bike Smart

The ‘Wink bar’ is the handlebar connected to the bike which you can control through your smartphone. It converts any bike or cycle to a smart bike or smart cycle. No doubt about the revolutionary ride which you would experience from the usage of this handlebar. The ride would be a better and a safe one for you to experience. The tool turns your bike into a smart bike and is suitable for the urban cyclist adapters.

This particular hand bar adds turn-by-turn navigation facility, GPS tracking and the powerful headlights. The handle bar when fixed to the cycle will find better routes which in turn makes the destination easy to be reached. It is a wonderful tool that helps you to locate, rather to geo-locate your bike.

You can enter the destination on your smartphone, keep it aside and follow the lights. There are indicators on the ‘Wink bar’ that will tell you where and when to turn. To top it all, these indicators will tell you whether you have an incoming message or even a phone call.

It’s a wonderful commute source about which we need not worry of getting abused. In other words you can be free from the worry of your bike being stolen, because now you have the magic of GPS. One can unlock the Wink Bar by using your smartphone or individual Velco Tag. It’s the secure bar, where none other than you could use the bike without permission.

In terms of specifications, the Wink smart bike handlebar is powered by a 1800 mAh Lithium battery which provides three weeks of usage upon full charge. Mobile applications available for iOS and Android which is connected by Bluetooth, (the connectivity of Bluetooth being 4.2), low energy consumption and all four GSM bands (worldwide). The material is made of aeronautical grade aluminum.

These entire features of the ‘Wink bar’ that are exhibited above, obviously, tells you about the diversity of the usage and coaxes you to involve yourself in acclaiming the same. Hence, it’s your chance to own one!

It’s currently going through fund-raising campaign at Indiegogo at a price starting $149 with shipping. They have set $25,000 target to begin the project and they have already reached close to $20,000.

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Written by Meenakshi Vanidasan

Meenakshi feeds you with curated content. She believes that 'Silence is gold' and hence likes to listen to slow music, while not busy writing. She also likes to watch encouraging videos that keep her going.

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