The Banana Phone: Bluetooth-enabled Handset now available on Indiegogo for $120

Banana bluetooth phone

Lot of technology has been making us go head over heels. We are attracted to different aspects which have diversity in their appearance. Always the physical impression first catches the eyes of the beholder and in other words it is the display of a product.

Here is one that acts as a Bluetooth as well as a handset for your smart phone. Indiegogo has created a platform for crowd funding on which this idea ‘Banana Phone’ project is displayed, accepting funding by project backers.

Banana bluetooth phone

The ‘Banana phone-model Bluetooth’, has the option of voice assistance. The feature enables phone calls when directed by you once you activate it. Which means you can command it to make phone calls by not even touching it.

As any other phone device, the mic is the source for actions performed by it. The company will go with the production part on a larger scale after two months. It seems to be a huge reach once it hits the market. This would especially, be popular among the younger generation because of its revolutionary empowering features. It has a funky color on the product, which would for sure induce buyers to buy it. What best could you get from this kind of device? A complete sense of comfort is observed with this device, in case you hold a Smartphone.

Through the project backers at Indiegogo, it aims to generate $30,000. We do have many ideas popping up and climbing the ladder to reach the top and among them the one standing apart and unique would be this device which would go with larger production amount very soon.

One needs to probably go for backing this project by paying $120 as it would be in high demand very soon because it has almost reached it’s targeted amount to kick-start the project. The National Park in Congo, would receive the charity of 1% from the total banana phone sales.