Xiaomi Beats Apple, Samsung & Micromax as the Most Preferred Smartphone Brand in India: Report

A recent survey was done on the Indian Android users who want to upgrade their handsets in 2017; to the extent of surprise, it was found that 26% of all the voters wanted to replace their handsets with Xiaomi.

Just three years back in 2014 Xiaomi entered the India smartphone market. With an impressive range of smartphones at economical prices is the reason behind its massive acceptance. The Xiaomi brand sets the best e.g. the Redmi Note 4, which just after its 45 days of the launch was being in the hands of 1 million people.

A research was carried out among 2000 smartphone owners by Strategy Analytics on which company phone would they like to buy next. The winner was no doubt Xiaomi, as 26% of the users want to upgrade their Android phones with Xiaomi. If we talk about Samsung and Apple, they occupied the second position with a share of just 12% which was previously so high in their peak days.

Fascinatingly, home-produced competitor Micromax was the least favored smartphone brand with merely 2% share. Micromax has now focused on the Russian market. Motorola and Lenovo gained 7 percent and 6 percent share correspondingly, at the same time, 6% of voters choose OnePlus.Xiaomi India

Xiaomi as it looks like captured not only the market but also the hearts of the Android users as everybody just wants quality in lesser prices, which no doubt Xiaomi is fulfilling along with better performance. Weekly flash sales were one of the main reasons it attracted many people.

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Users always look for network and processor speed, resolution, camera and screen size as key factors while purchasing a smartphone. Hence it can be said that great specifications at budget pricing are the another name of Xiaomi, thus boosting its attractiveness among users.

It’s actually quite shocking because in our experiments and product reviews we found that Xiaomi’s customized version of Android, MIUI makes device slow because of a lot of stock apps. It’s almost like Samsung’s Touchwiz.


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