Two-Third of the World’s Population now Connected as Total Mobile Subscribers hit 5 Billion

Smartphone Penetration

The mobile industry has again got the credit with regard to the ‘boom’ factor. Reports state that the total of global mobile subscribers has gone up and has crossed 5 billion mark. Statistics reveal that the percentage of people who are connected through mobile has raised to 67% of the total population. Mobile innovation is not an old concept and still, the response to this technology has no boundaries.

Unique Mobile subscribers

Mobile has been regarded as the source of development and the technology has something new every day in this aspect to make life easier.

As per the calculation, the part of Asia-Pacific dominates as the highest subscribers for mobile. The subscribers amount to 2,765 million and when related to percentage, is around 55% of the global subscribers. In Asia, two of the world’s largest countries – China and India form the world’s largest and second-largest markets for mobiles. India follows China with the subscriber base of 730 million and that of China is 1,081 million.

On the other hand places likeĀ America, Europe and CIS display high penetration levels, where they haveĀ 80%, 86% and 79% respectively, even though the subscription count in these areas is low.

Mobile Subscribers worldwide

Again, it has been seen that there is a rapid rise in the subscriber’s list when considering the overall factor of the mobile industry. In Q1 2007, the mobile subscribers were statistically stated (worldwide) to be 2 billion and it radically has risen to 5 billion in Q2 2017. The subscriber’s penetration shows 7 times more than 10%.

There are some regions like the Sub-Saharan African region, where the subscriber’s list would not see much growth due to the factors like poverty, political instability etc.

Sources say that APAC has the increase in the subscriber’s percentage of 68%, whereas the Middle East, Sub-Saharan and North Africa have the penetration percentage of 44%.

The biggest growth source is speculated to be India as it is going to lead an account of subscription percentage of 30% when it comes to the new unique mobile subscribers.

This growth may be due to fast 4G network proliferation thanks to Reliance Jio success. TRAI’s latest report as of 30th April 2017 shows a total of 1194.58 million subscribers. TRAI data reveals the total mobile users in India and it’s conflicting with above-mentioned data as per GSMA.

TRAI takes into account total number of subscriptions across India while GSMA reports a total number of unique subscribers. This means that Indians hold more than one mobile subscription and many have dual SIMs on their handset. A total of 444 million such subscribers exists in India.

No matter how slow or fast the world reacts to the mobile subscription factor, Indian market would be counted as ‘highest subscribers’ in the list of global subscribers.