Samsung Galaxy Note 9 to feature Display Fingerprint Sensor

Samsung Fingerprint sensor
Galaxy Note 8 with rear fingerprint sensor | Samsung

Samsung is preparing for two powerful phones debut in 2018 - The Galaxy S9 and Galaxy Note 9. Since Samsung has the responsibility for representing the Android flagship phones against the Apple iPhones, the preparation starts early.

The upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 9 will be designed with a special feature of under 'display optical fingerprint' which enables the user to unlock the phone by touching any part of the display. Samsung has planned to launch Samsung Galaxy Note 9 by mid of next year. This is something that Apple has dropped for their premium iPhone X which costs $999.

The latest Apple's phone iPhone X has reportedly dropped out from this new feature due to production issues and the deadline has approached. Instead, the Apple has incorporated Face Id, a new facial recognition technology that takes advantage of custom 3D sensors.

Reliable analyst of KGI securities states that the new display optical fingerprint sensor has been introduced to fit in the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 but couldn't incorporate it as the technology was not ready in time. Galaxy Note 8 has been bagged up with LED flash unit and heart rate sensor between the dual camera system and the fingerprint scanner on the Galaxy Note 8.

The analyst of Samsung says that three companies are striving to join hands with Samsung to supply it with the components that will enable under display fingerprint reader. Some reports also suggest that Samsung may change its vendor for the fingerprints from Synaptics to Egis. This may also result in the entailing of the cost of the sensor from 400 to 500%.

With the introduction of this new technology, Samsung will surely have a lot of attention in the market.

A couple of days back, Galaxy Note 9 rumors says that the S Pen stylus for Note 9, has a breathalyzer built-in along with the microphone.