8 Possible Name of Android 8 version – Android O Name

Android 8 name

We are very close to the official name of Android 8 version i.e., Android O name announcement. Many rumors have pointed out to be the August 21st, 2017 and we drill down to what Google is likely to choose the name of upcoming Android version.

After Android 7.0 last year named as Nougat, it’s the time of Android 8.0 and it will be taking up the dessert name by starting with the letter “O”. That’s the naming hierarchy that Google has followed until now.

The following are the names that Android O version is expected to be taking up –

Android Oreo

Oreo is the best selling Cookie in the United States and this dessert by Cadbury is worldwide popular. So, possibly the Android O will be named as Android 8 Oreo.

Android Oatmeal

Oatmeal cookies are very famous and rich in health. So, Android 8.0 could be named as Android 8 Oatmeal.

Android Octopus

An Easter Egg image in the Android O Developer Preview 5 was replaced with Octopus and that’s enough for us to put Android Octopus as viable new Android version name up here. But is Octopus a dessert? – the question that every is asking.

Here are the few other names suggested –

  • Android Oblaat
  • Android Ozark
  • Android Oliebol
  • Android Oladyi
  • Android Otap
  • Android Oreo
  • Android Obbattu
  • Android Ouzo
  • Android Olho-de-sogra

There is a long life of features that Android 8 update will carry and a number of devices are expected to get the update.

Source: TechnosAmigos