Idea Cellular working on Reliance JioPhone Alternative Priced at Rs. 2500

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Idea Cellular, one of India’s leading telecom operator will soon launch a phone to counter Reliance JioPhone which is raising net neutrality concerns about Reliance Jio’s 4G phones.

Similar to that of Jio network, ‘Idea Cellular‘ is up to find a market for its mobile phone venture by reducing the cost of its yet to be launched mobile phones. Reports say that the company is working with handset companies in order to lower the cost of the mobile phones.

Himanshu Kapania, who is the managing director of Idea Cellular Limited said “One of the concerns is about net neutrality. It will not allow most of the apps which a customer prefers and the choice of apps may not work because it is forcing consumers to use an individual operator’s apps. The practical solution that we are working on is to work with the handset industry and work with them to be able to bring down the cost of handsets by bringing down the bill of material, so that the gap of the announced price of Jio feature phone versus a smart-phone can be brought down to reasonable levels.”

Apart from the fact that there is a lot of competition in the market of the mobile companies, the networks are also planning to give a tough competition on board.

What customers expect is to get the best mobile at a good and affordable price. ‘Idea Cellular’ seems like aims at the same, as the price of its yet-to-be released phone costs Rs. 2500. Comparatively, the price is higher than that of the new Reliance JioPhone whose Booking Starts from August 24 and is priced at 1500. In the case of the JioPhone, the amount of Rs.1500 in actual acts as a security deposit to misuse, subject to refund after three years.

Kapania did not mention about the reduction in the price of the ‘Idea Cellular’s new phone’, however, still, depending on the market research related to the features of the phone would be done by the company so that some features would be excluded leading to a reduction in the cost.

Mr. Kapania also informed that the phone will allow customers the choice of dual SIM, selection of 2G and 4G networks, signing up with telecom operators of choice and to use applications of choice.

The audience will have a great choice to make in front of them. The launch is hence awaited!