Get a Full Computer Backup using ‘Google Backup and Sync’ Software

Google has come out with a solution for a quick backup and easy solution – Google Backup and Sync. This is available in Mac and PC for the users. It is a replacement for Google Photos desktop uploader and Drive for Mac/PC. Through this back up files and photos are safely stored in Google Drive and Google Photos.

To use Backup and Sync, Google Drive/Photos, users just need to download the app and then choose the folders they want to back up. From there, the selected folders will continually be backed up to Google’s services, accordingly providing an alternative to Time Machine and making it easier to automatically store important files in the cloud.

We can directly sync USB drives, SD cards and hard disks with Drive or Photos and interchange information. The new app is an easier way to upload and download photos and other documents to Google drive. ‘Google Drive subscription’ from this app can be updated by the users.

For faster rate, you can click on ‘Don’t Limit’, or to use at a slower speed you can input the speed in ‘Limit to’. No particular options are available to command as to how to handle deleting of files though, while the users could upload the photos at lower quality in the case of scarce space.

The app was released on Wednesday. For enterprise users Google recommends “G Suite customers continue to use Drive for Mac/PC until our new enterprise-focused solution, Drive File Stream (currently in EAP), is made generally available to all G Suite users.”

On the whole, it seems to be a very easy source deployed by Google to standardize the storage of the files in terms of backup and again, gives a better platform to store and backing up folders which already is on your device. Moreover, the status of the back up being broadened up gives a lot of synchronization of the data stored and shared for smoother accessibility.

Source: Google