Codey Rocky Robot helps Child learn coding and AI

Codey Rocky A new coding component

Here is a technology helping the kids with the required set up. Codey Rocky is the entry-level coding robot for STEM education, suitable for children ages 6 and up. It is a hardware with graphical programming that helps the child to move her or his first step into 'code'.

The composing of the first “Hello World!” by the child using this concept of gadget enables them to know more about their inner ability to explore their creativity. The young minds get a chance to cuddle around their fresh brains to innovate new ideas in terms of the available source with them.

Codey is a detachable controller that will include more than 10 electronic modules that can be controlled via code. On the other hand, Rocky is the car that would take Codey anywhere. This option is provided for accessibility so as to run the programs wherever you want to run it.

There is also a built-in 6-axis gyroscope that controls the games that you code by moving or tilting your controller, wherein the game is programmed to respond based on the actions performed by the user accordingly. A truly innovative way to enjoy the technology based on the execution put in by the children with their free minds in place.

Again programming codes included here. The programming codes, namely Python and graphical programming can be learnt with the help of the guidelines ranging to 20 which is embedded in Codey Rocky. Also, when you are ready to go move forward for more, the advanced Python language is here for you learn as well as you can convert your code in one click.

How do you learn the coding as a beginner

You can learn your first program by dragging and dropping code blocks and slowly gain more advanced skills, and transition into Python programming.

mBlock 5 - Important

The mBlock 5 programming software is based on MIT’s graphical programming language Scratch 3.0 to guarantee through which the beginners can get started coding within no time.

You could also build up logical thinking as Logic is the base for coding. Also, the writing of code will enable you to go forward from idea to a program that you can make work.

The mBlock 5 is the one that would assist you to get your ideas real and thereby allowing to run the program coded with the help of your coding assistant. You could also use  mBlock 5 to add Internet of Things-functionality to Codey Rocky and again Control home appliances, get weather reports, so on and so forth.

The devices that you can use in this regard are MacBook, Chromebook or desktop PC, apart from mBlock 5 which would be ready enough for coding.

Hardware aspect of Codey Rocky

It has more than 10 programmable electronic modules and lot of fun effects and functions.

Personal messages are shown on Codey's large LED display. Codey Rocky is compatible with Makeblock Neuron and LEGO® bricks.

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It has an optional Bluetooth dongle that enables a wireless connection with the computer, provided you use the Bluetooth dongle given by the company as required.

The price of the amazing Robot varies and hence the right choice would be after you compare them and decide eventually. Currently, it's going through Kickstarter funding.

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