Clash Royale Rascals Card Announced for the May 2018 update

Rascals card
The new Clash Royale rascals card features a Rascal Boy and two girls chewing Double Trouble Gum

Clash Royale Rascals Card is officially announced, included in the May 2018 update. Check out what’s new in the card.

SuperCell has announced all new Rascals card included in the May 2018 update. It’s the latest card addition to the Clash Royale cards collection 2018. It’s quite surprising because the April update was delayed and rolled-out only after April 15.

A new card is coming to Clash Royale. Here find out what ‘Rascals‘ card does and when it arrives. It was announced with the Clash Royale May 2018 update on Wednesday with a maintenance break.

Rascals card is a trio of a giant boy who takes the lead and two girls pelt enemies from the behind with slingshots. They are up to no good. This card is classified as a medium speed and does a damage of 110 with girls targeting Air and Ground while the boy targets ground cards.

Rascals Draft Challenge

Using the Rascals Draft Challenge you can unlock Rascals card at 12 wins. This challenge is free for the first time and if you lose three times then you are out.

Again you need to pay 100 Gems in order to participate in the challenge. It’s available in the Events tab. It will be for the next three days. The card type is troop and rarity is classified as Common.

SuperCell took on to Twitter to announced the new card and have been heavily advertising the new card.

Here is the official video how the Racals can shot done any cards by opposition:

So, get ready to play with the Rascals card, it’s amazing.