Clash Royale Crown Championship Challenge 2017

Clash Royale Crown Championship

SuperCell, the most played mobile strategetic game Clash Royale has announced “Clash Royale Crown Championship Challenge 2017. It’s the fall 2017 season competition for the title of best Clash Royale player.

Clash Royale Crown Championship Challenge

It’s also called as the Crown Championship 20 Win Challenge. For this time, the contest is now expanded to six more regions including North America, South America, Europe, China, Korea, Japan, South East Asia, Africa, India, and Australia.

During the last season, players submitted over 1 million entries for the title of the best Clash Royale player in the world (region-wise).

Contest Dates

August 16 – August 20: Challenge begins with qualification trials. Complete 20 Wins and

August 23-28: This is a next level of the tournament, referred as bracketed tournament.

September 5-7: Regional Elimination week – top 16 in each region will compete to move on to the next round robin live broadcast phase.

September 12 – October 26: The top 10 players in the each region battle to move on to 20 Win Crown Championship Challenge Final.

November 11-12: Grand Finale – Players will compete in live finals event to determine the best player in the region.

Each region’s Fall 2017 Champion is the regional winner and will represent their region in the Clash Royale World Finals event in London.

2 Wins – 2500 Gold

5 Wins – Giant Chest

9 Wins – Magical Chest

14 Wins – Legendary Chest

20 Wins- Crown Championship entry + 250000 Gold

Fall 2017 Season Prizes

Over 1 million dollars in real cash has been awarded to players in the last season. This year as well. Here are the prizes for this Clash Royale Fall 2017 season –

$65,000 – North America

$65,000 – Latin America

$65,000 – Europe

$35,000 – Rest of the World

Hey games, it’s your time to win some real cash.