72 Hours Clash Royale ‘2v2 Sudden Death Challenge’ Announced

2v2 Sudden Death Challenge

SuperCell has announced Clash Royale 2v2 sudden death challenge to give gamers a 72 hours of complete enjoyment. It’s a custom challenge available for a limited period of time and it’s different from normal 2v2 game.

Summer of 2v2 has begun and team announces 2v2 Sudden Death Challenge, set to tests your Clash Royale skills. In this challenge game you and your partner will have to destroy oppositions tower to win the game. There is a total of 3 minutes time available. Each games requires a lot of strategy to create a unique deck which can challenge your opposition.

The ideal strategy is to have an excellent defense by selecting any of the following cards – Night Witch, Tombstone, Mini Pekka, Furnance, Archers, Wizard, Prince, E-Wiz, Inferno Dragon, Executioner, Baby Dragon, Minions. You can’t have all the cards together, that will end you up in losing the game. You need to have any of the two cards.

Reddit user Toxxik has posted Strategy to win 2v2 Sudden Death Challenge. His picks includes few offense cards, Spell cards and defense cards.

Talking in terms of rewards, at 3 wins you get x1000 gold coins, at 5 wins you get 10 gems, at 7 wins you get x2 Epic cards and at 9 wins you end up winning the highest Giant Chest(Arena 10). Remember that with three losses you are out of the contest and each Clash Royale player has one free entry to this Sudden Death Challenge.

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Clash Royale is a real-time multi-player strategy games which is currently among the top 5 Android and iPhone games. It’s also available on Facebook and gets average 4.5 ratings at Play Store and 4.4 ratings at Apple App Store.