BSNL 5G Release Date sometime in 2020; 5G Network details

BSNL 5G release date

With recent funding, BSNL 5G release date has a timeline now. It will be rolled-out in 2020.

With millions of subscribers around the world, BSNL is the third largest mobile network operator in terms of great service & affordable data packages for its users. After the launch of the 4G services in India with the 4G LTE network in different circles, they are giving a decent competition to their counterparts like Airtel 5G & Reliance Jio. Very soon BSNL will be among the top cellular service provider who will come up with the 5G network.

The state-owned BSNL (Bharat Sanchar Nigam Ltd) is has signed the official memorandum of understanding (MoU) with the Nokia for launching the 5G services along with the IoT (Internet of Things).

For the future purpose, 5G & IoT are a very useful concept in smart city areas. This MoU will give a boost to the services of the BSNL to draw the solid framework for doing a transition in terms of network from current one to the futuristic 5G network.

The chairman of the BSNL Anupam Shrivastava told PTI that with the introduction of the 5G network in our country things would go smoothly, however, that need some time & proper construction for the superior future and this evolution will give a boost to transit effectively from current 4G to 5G network.

BSNL 5G Release date

With the signing of the MoU, the focus here will be more on bringing the 5G network in our country within 3 to 5 years. But currently, the motto is to expand the current 4G LTE services in many areas of India. The 5G technology will provide undivided standards with better room for the expansion of network-based opportunities.

The tentative launch of the BSNL services in India could be in 2020(full-fledged). This will be for testing purpose in a remote location, with the better expectation to launch this in India very soon.

Anupam Shrivastava, the company's chairman and MD said:

We had interaction with Nokia last week (on 5G). Next we are going to present about our requirements after which field trail concept is there. It should start before the end of this financial year.

From the Shrivastava statement, it's clear that BSNL hopes to begin 5G trials by March 2018.

Right now BSNL is busy in the expansion of 4G services to various towns & villages across the country. Even the BSNL 4G is available in limited areas across the major cities & towns; you can check the availability of 4G networks in your area by going through the list of towns with 4G networks on their website. So it is clear that the work for 5G by BSNL services has not yet begun. Currently, we can say that there are no 5G standards available for the proper execution, all are in working stage. However, the deployment work for the BSNL network is going strong as the mobile development company Nokia is providing necessary help for the deployment work.

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Right now BSNL 4G uses the TD-LTE technology with around 2400 MHz of spectrum. But at the same time, BSNL has started deploying its 4G services in various locations of our country by the use of FDD-LTE technology that is 1800 MHz spectrum. In its proposed plan BSNL has plans to provide higher speed than the 4G network with greater capacity. This thing will surely help the telecom operators to accommodate a large number of users per unit for broadband. It can be suggested that the BSNL will provide 3.5 Gbps which could be 30 times better than the current 4G network of the BSNL.

BSNL 5G Features:

With fascinating features, the BSNL will provide better services like:

  • Data rates up to 20 GB per second in major cities & towns against 1 GB/second offered on 4G.
  • The improved coverage
  • Good signal efficiency
  • Maximum connections simultaneously
  • The low power consumption

5G Roadmap

It's the time to talk about 5G trails, which could begin in March this year. So, here is the unofficial 5G roadmap:

March 2018: Initial field trials

DoT to release 5G roadmap in India by June 2019: First Launch

BSNL 5G launch date: June 2019

BSNL 5G News

➡ Ericsson on February 9, 2018 announced that it has installed base of radio products, ready for 5G New Radio technology. Source: BSNL/Twitter

➡ Nokia, the Finnish smartphone maker has collaborated with BSNL and Airtel to prepare for 5G ecosystem in India. -As on Oct 4, 2017.

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As the coverage of the 5G network expands the BSNL 5G data plan will be better in term of the price but initially, it will be costlier. The better competition from the rivals like Reliance Jio, Airtel, Tata DoCoMo will bring down the prices automatically. We hope the BSNL 5G will provide tough competition to the Reliance Jio 5G as of now Jio is dominating the mobile phone operators with low prices and better services.