Blue Whale Game: What is Blue Whale Challenge & Suicides in India

Blue Whale Game

A number of Blue Whale suicide cases have been reported in India. Blue Whale game or Blue Whale challenge is an Internet test that has now take India by surprise. We uncover what’s this game all about, what you should do/don’t and NGO’s and local bodies that can help you in this case. The idea of this writing is to make aware people about this lethal suicidal challenge.

What is Blue Whale game?

The Blue Whale game, also known as Blue Whale challenge is a deadly game between the participant and a group of an administrator. The administrator asks the participant to complete tasks and give them a proof by clicking photos or videos.

First, Blue Whale is neither a video game nor a real-life game. Also, there is no app that the child can play on mobile or desktop. You can’t even play on Xbox or PlayStation and neither can be installed from the web. There is actually nothing on Google Chrome or Firefox or Safari browser about it. I have seen a lot of searches on Google like Blue Whale APK, Blue Whale game download, Blue Whale Android game, Blue whale tasks list.

In the Blue Whale Challenge, one has to go through daily challenges or task. The tasks are for 50 days wherein the administrator forces the participant to complete deadly tasks. The tasks begin with listening to music, waking up at an odd time( say 4:30 am), watching a horror movie, escalating from ones place for self-manipulation and finally committing suicide.

Uncertainty is still prevailing among Parents, Police and Cyber Crime Officer that how the participants are playing the game. Some say that the participant has to download an app, while some say it’s a direct link and other say it’s via social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

Blue Whale Game History and Origin

Blue Whale dare began in 2013 in Russia, with a death group named “F57” in a famous Russian social networking website VKontakte (VK). The first suicide case was from Russia in the year 2015.

Phillip Budeikin, a former psychology student was expelled from his university for inventing the game. When asked Budeikin by investigating officer why did he invent the game he said his purpose is to clean the society by pushing to suicide those who have no purpose and values in life.

Blue Whale Suicide Cases all over The World

A number of Blue Whale Suicide cases have been registered and reported. From November 2015 to April 2016, a total of 130 teenagers from Russia have committed suicide and the numbers have been increasing day by day. Police officials in Europe and America have sent advisories to parents and teachers to keep an eye on the children.

Blue Whale Game Suicide Cases in India

Teenagers from Mumbai, Kerala, Pune, Indore, and Dehradun has many teenagers involved in Blue Whale game. Some were saved before the last task of the game which is committing suicide.

The first Blue Whale suicide case was reported on July 26, 2017, in Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala. A 16-year-old has committed suicide after deleting all the games from his mobile phone. The deceased mother told the police that he has informed his mother about the game and always said not to worry about him if he dies. She also added he used to visit cemeteries during nights and go to the beach alone. The boy had drawn whale with a compass on his wrist.

The second suicide case of Blue Whale Game was committed by a 14-year-old Manpreet. The boy jumped off 7-storey building on July 29, 2017, in Andheri, Mumbai.

There are many more cases reported, head to News section below.

Measures taken by Police and Government

All these deaths only due to a game bring goosebumps. Three days ago, Chennai Police Commissioner A K Vishwanathan had issued a warning on the threat posed by the game. The government has opened a control room in Madurai to help and counsel parents and youth and warn against groups publicising the game.

Although the government has asked the companies such as Google, Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram, Microsoft, Yahoo to remove all those links which are related to death groups, we are unclear how these companies would make the game inaccessible.

Parents role to keep children’s away from Blue Whale

The following are the things that you can do to eradicate lethal Blue Whale –

  • Cyber experts and psychologist advise parents to strictly monitor teenagers playing lethal online games.
  • Parents should always have a vigilant eye on their children regarding the games they play and right usage of the Internet.
  • Always make sure your child is accessing computer or gadget placed in the family space. This means that you should be aware of your child activity on the computer, desktop, laptop and other electronic mediums.
  • Be your child mentor. Love him/her to such level that they always share good and bad both things with the parents.
  • Talk to other parents, and share concerns if any and discuss things which could help find solutions.
  • Always have a friendly relation with your child.
  • Explore the online world together to and engage in activities your child loves to do.
  • We need to think as a child to understand child’s problem. So, take your child to nearby parks regularly so that he doesn’t have to rely on online games.
  • And always make sure that any discussion about the Blue Whale is secret within adults. If your child hears about it, he will be eagerness to know about it, which might land him to play the game.

Signs your child is involved in Blue Whale Game

It may happen that your child is going through Blue Whale dare. Here are the early signs and symptoms –

  • Observe your child behaviour. Be alert to unusual behaviours like moodiness, less or no communication, lack of interest in studies and falling grades.
  • If you find your child is involved in Blue Whale Game or any such deadly game, stop him using the Internet or any such devices.
  • You have to take this step carefully because it depends from child to child.
  • Many might not understand directly, so divert their minds to other things that he loves.
  • Taking him out of home is a good idea and that’s the thing that they love.
  • Inform your local police or National Child care(1098 toll-free number), and seek advice for taking safety measures. The police station number is 100.

Blue Whale News

The latest news about Blue Whale challenge is here –

On September 23, 2017, Karan Thakur, a 16-year old resident of Panchkula committed suicide. He reported to his father that he is getting addicted to a game and specifically asked to see a psychiatrist but that didn’t happen. Read More

September 22: Class 10 boy rescued after seeking help on answer sheet – Read More

On August 10, 2017, a 14-year-old boy from Indore, Madhya Pradesh was saved from committing suicide.

On August 10, 2017, yet another 14-year-old boy was saved by Maharastra Police, when his parents informed cops about missing boy.

On August 12, 2017, a tenth standard boy from Anandpur, West Midnapore district of West Bengal has committed suicide as a result of playing the game. He was found dead in the bathroom with his face covered with plastic bag and a cotton cord tied around his neck. The boy has also drawn whale in his left arm with a razor blade.

On August 16, 2017, a 22-year-old from Kerala has committed suicide for completing his final task of Blue Whale, which is committing suicide.

On August 27, 2017, a 13-year-old boy from Uttar Pradesh has hung himself after playing this game. The police said that the boy has been playing this game from his father’s phone.

Recently on August 30, 2017, a 19-year-old college student from Madurai, Tamil Nadu hung himself for completing the final task of Blue Whale Game. Upon investigating the case the police has scan the phone of the boy and found that he along with 75 other people have joined the ‘WhatsApp’ group who are actively playing this game in Madhurai.

A new report emerging from Pondicherry that a Pondicherry Central University MBA student has hanged himself. Once again Police has suspected Blue Whale Game Challenge.

Helpline Numbers

Parents can also contact the following institutions if they require any help and also report incidents –

  • National CHILD Helpline number (1098)
  • AASRA: It’s a crisis intervention for distressed, lonely and suicidal. It helps in preventing suicide.(+91-22-27546669, [email protected], Contact Person: Johnson Thomas, 9820466726). Visit their website.
  • NIMHANS, Bengaluru (Phone: 080 2699 5000)
  • ICALL, MUMBAI(+91 22 2556,3961, [email protected])
  • PRATEEKSHA, KERALA(+ 91 484 2448830 EMAIL- [email protected])
  • PRATYASA, IRINJALAKUNDA(+91 480 2820091)
  • THANAL, KERALA(04952371100 EMAIL: [email protected])
  • MAITREYI, PONDICHERRY(+914133399999)
  • ROSHNI, SECUNDERABAD(040 790 4646 EMAIL: [email protected])

That was all about the Blue Whale game and this article was written to make awareness of it among parents and elders to avoid Blue Whale suicides and deaths. It’s time to eradicate it before it grows big.