Apple Watch watchOS 4.2 update brings Pay Cash Support

Apple has officially rolled out watchOS 4.2 update. The new release of software version for Apple Watch has been on its take already. The upgrade as usual by Apple has involved lots of changes, especially the support given to Apple Pay Cash, a quick peer-to-peer payments system that forms a direct competitor to Venmo, Square Cash and other payment processors.

Not to forget that Apple Cash has gone live for iPhones through the iOS 11.2. The watchOS can be used on the Apple Watch only when you activate the same on the phone or tablet.

One can activate it accordingly by going to Settings > Wallet > Apple Pay. The Apple Pay Cash toggle can be viewed if the accessibility of iOS 11.2 is available in the region from where the action is initiated. In order to enable the same, the required cash in Apple Cash has to be present. Once this is done, the update needs to be done for the Apple Watch to watchOS 4.2 and you could do so by going to My Watch > General > Software Update.

After this is completed, the Apple Pay button at the bottom of a conversation in Messages is seen. Again Wallet app and Siri form the sources for Pay Cash.

Other kinds of support would include, a new workout type for third-party apps to track distance, average speed, number of runs and elevation descended for downhill snow sports with Apple Watch 3. It also supports HomeKit sprinklers and faucets at Home.

Again it assists in solving the issue such as simultaneous timers or alarms that could be dismissed separately.

The best part is that the option is for all the Apple Watch models. One important thing to be remembered before the update being done is that Apple Watch should be on its charger and the same should be charged to at least 50 percent. Once this is confirmed, you can connect the iPhone to the WiFi, wherein later, the smartwatch needs to be kept close to the WiFi until the said process is completed.

Updating from watchOS 4.1 to 4.2 takes 45 minutes, including download and installation time. Updating from dev beta watchOS 4.2 to public release 4.2 takes 30 minutes. It's currently available only in the United States.

More on the Apple's innovation has built a new vision towards the best of what Apple always has come up with and this time there is nothing different from the specifics that Apple has introduced in the past, be it the fixing of the springboard bug in iPhone or any of the new releases of the models the company thinks of, to be its best decisions. All of them have their mark in the market.

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