Apple Launches ‘Today at Apple’ Free Educational sessions at its 495 stores Worldwide

Today at Apple iPad

In order to attract more customers to Apple stores, the company has launched ‘Today at Apple’ educational classes. It gives you an access to learn coding through the most acclaimed software company! You could login to the Apple’s learning session’s webpage called ‘Today at Apple’ and sign up for the session. The learning sessions is now available across 495 stores around the world.

Amazingly, the company offers the majority of 4,000 sessions around the stores. The ‘Creative Pros’ as they are named for these sessions, are the main faculties who undertake the sessions. These faculties are the trained employees of Apple who are chosen for the task. However in selected cities, popular photographers, musicians and artists take the teaching platform. Topics covered are coding, art, music, photography and design.

Apple has introduced this learning session for this week. Not to mention the program is in place at the Apple’s Union square location. The lessons are for both the beginners and experienced ones. The content of the sessions will however include varied tasks. The company plans to offer the “Kids Hour” and “Photo Walks” in all the Apple stores worldwide. The sessions in this regard are going to take place by May 20.

The classes focus mainly on basic iPhone, iPad, and Mac skills. Other advanced aspects include mixing music on Mac, editing the photos on iPhone, and drawing on the iPad. Most of the classes range for an hour excluding the Studio Hours which is for half an hour above an hour.

The store chief of Apple said that “Today at Apple” classes are designed to turn Apple locations into a ‘modern-day town square’, where everyone is welcome to ‘discover a new passion’ or take a skill to the next level.

She added “We think it will be a fun and enlightening experience for everyone who joins”.

The step taken by Apple through this program for sure is going to enhance the popularity and evolve with its recognition.