Apple September Event

Apple September Event is held every year and the Cupertino based tech giant find it lucky for them. The Apple has fixed the September event of 2018 at The Steve Jobs Theatre at Apple Park. The products will include, the announcement of the new smartwatch, a new Apple TV box, and possibly more info on the company’s previously announced smart-speaker, that is going to be released this fall, in December. The live coverage will be available on the official Apple website.

Apple September Event 2018

Apple iPhone 8S Plus is expected to be announced and it has been leaked that it features like processor boost, camera improvements, and other under-the-hood upgrades.

The entry-level 64 GB model of the iPhone 8s is expected to come in at $999 plus tax, a mid-tier 256 GB model at $1099, and a top tier 512 GB of $1199. The repeating patterns are in the Apple’s clan series and the iPhone 8s is the ‘Pro’ smartphone in the portfolio has made it true.

Apart from these the Touch ID, a dual-lens camera are the other features included. Also, Apple’s first OLED display and a stainless steel and glass body can be seen on it.

Apple seems to have carried on with the routine of a $100 separation between the storage tiers, which leads to the curious situation of the first storage increase of 192 GB costing the same as the second increase of 256 GB.

It is estimated with a profit margin of thirty-five to forty percent. The wireless charging system is likely to be based on the Qi standard.

Again, conditions apply, in the sense, the charging device licensed by Apple would be eligible for charging this particular mobile, which means that third-party devices used for it should fall under this condition.

Apple iPhone X

All new premium iPhone model i.e., iPhone X was unveiled at the Apple September 2017 event. It’s also referred to other names as iPhone Ten or iPhone 10.

Apple iPhone 8s:

The iPhone 8s could be the biggest device that Apple has ever launched. Whether it will be called as iPhone X or iPhone 8s, is yet not known.

The price of this new Premium iPhone is likely to be $1200 as per the leaks.

Apple Watch 3 with LTE:

Apple WatchOS4 has the new hardware is also rumored to get cellular LTE capabilities.

HomePod and SIRI updates:

The HomePod that was announced at the WWDC 2017 gave it to us for $349 (about £270, AU$465, converted) Siri-powered smart home speaker is available again in fall, this December.

The HomePod as per the company’s leak has an existence of some sort of matrix screen, a full version of iOS and more.

Apple TV along with 4K streaming:

The product includes a new processor that streamlines high-resolution 4K video that has HDR quality.

Software update:

iOS 11 update details would be revealed and AR demo to be highlighted on stage. MacOS High Sierra is expected to be on a rollout in September and it seemed to be talked about in the event by Apple.

The leaks have inculcated the interest on the detailed factors even though the announcements of some of the above mentioned are already done.

Apple September Event 2018

It’s high time to talk about Apple 2018 product line up. The company in 2018 Apple event will launch the following products –

Apple iPhone 8s

Before jumping into iPhone 9 launch, the company will launch iPhone 8s and iPhone 8s Plus smartphones with iOS 12.