Apple Patent hints at Sleep Tracking System for iPhone & Apple Watch

Apple Sleep Patent

A new patent is bagged by Apple, wherein the tracking of the sleep patterns is done by it. The wake alarm is already found in Apple phones, however, the customization of the wake alarms is done by the sleep tracking technology by learning the user's sleep patterns under this patent feature. The patent has been approved by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).

AppleInsider reports that the patent enables to use several biometric sensors along with the device data to create the sleep schedule. The feature will be available both on the Apple iPhone and Apple Watch, as required by the patent filing.

Apple Sleep Patent

The sleep tracker will set up the alarm by collecting the user's bedtime routine date and “sleep onset latency,” and this is calculated based on the difference of time when users hit the bed and the time when the users go to sound sleep.

Also the 'lost latent sleep time' is tracked and the alarm is changed respectively. The devices replicate your rest and sleep pattern. The system also constrains you to take rest, if the tracking finds out that there is a loss of rest. There will be an alert given by the device of Apple, be it the Apple watch or iPhone, starting to take rest. The alarm is overridden in case a calendar event is scheduled during that time.

This amazing technology will measure the pressure put on phone’s screen to track if the user is awake or asleep. Controlled snoozes will be also offered during the days. Of late, Apple has been looking into the health-based technology. It had introduced Bedtime app on iOS 10 which will allow you to manually set your sleep goals.

It is yet to be concluded on the fact whether Apple is going to use the technology of 'tracking of sleep patterns' for its future products as the company always reveals it once they confirm accordingly.