Apple iPhone X Home Button Addon adds 2-in-1 HeadPhone Jack and Touch ID Functionality

Apple iPhone X Home button addon

If you were among the who is complaining of the no physical Home button on iPhone X, then Apple has now got answers to it. The Cupertino tech giant has unveiled Apple iPhone X Home Button Addon which brings two in one functionality of serving Touch ID and includes a headphone jack. That will certainly appease those users who returned their iPhone X units because lack of Touch ID as Apple opted for Face Unlock technology.

This clip-in accessory for iPhone X works in the same fashion as that of Home button on any iPhone model. You can hold it up to activate Siri and double tap to bring the recent buttons. Quite surprisingly, the support for home button add-on was introduced recently in the iOS 11.3 update.

All new iPhone X add-on accessory has the dimensions as 29 mm × 30 mm × 3.9 mm (1.1 in × 1.18 in × 0.1 in) and it's made from white plastic that the company uses for it's power cables and accessories. However, the button is covered in glass.

iphone x physical home button
iphone x physical home button brings back unlock by thumb feature

This iPhone X additional accessory is the size of an iPod Shuffle and it plugs into a lightning port of your iPhone X. It has also got a lightning port of its own, so no worries as you have room for what you do on your premium iPhone.

This feature although takes you back into an older technology of unlocking iPhone using your thumb. This move by Apple is assumed to appease those users who are tired of Face ID unlock feature. And looks like the Cupertino tech giant wants to go back with normal wired headphones/earphones technology for listening songs/videos.

iPhone X Home Button Addon Price in India

The iPhone X home button add-on is priced at $69.99 and will be available for purchase from May 2018. Its price in India is said to be around Rs 7,999.