Apple iPhone X Engineer fired as daughter’s hands-on video goes Trending

iPhone X hands-on

Amelia Peterson a daughter of Apple iPhone engineer who is a vlogger(video blogger) has uploaded a video showing unreleased iPhone X on YouTube. Her father Ken Bauer has been fired for violating the rules of the company. The video showed the new features of iPhone X including using Apple Pay, the video was shot on Apple cafeteria and even shots of Bauer who handed the phone to Peterson in the video. The Apple iPhone X hands-on YouTube video is here.

The iPhone X hands-on video has gone viral and has become the topmost trending videos of the week. Though the video was not shot with any bad intention to leak the iPhone X features or something else it has resulted in a great loss. A notes app was also shown on the iPhone X which appeared to include code names of the unreleased Apple products.

Taking a video/picture on Apple campus is strictly prohibited and on the other hand filming on the unreleased product is a fairly violation of the rule.

As Apple is famous for its privacy it really could not afford to leak its products. Daniel Hamilton an Apple analyst says “iPhone X will take iPhone franchise to a whole new level, pushing the company deep into the ultra-luxury smartphone market with the highest priced iPhone in the company’s history”.

iPhone X is already available for pre-orders and also Apple held an event where media was able to see the phone and people present there were even able to use the device, but these kind of videos are rare before the phone has been officially released.

This incident reminds us of an earlier dismissal of Microsoft employee when his son posted the picture of the Xbox 360 before its release.