Apple iPhone 8s Price in India, Release Date, Specs

Apple iPhone 8s

Apple has awestruck every smartphone user this year with their iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and the iPhone X which remained the flagship phones. But that’s not where the show ends, Apple is said to be planning the launch of iPhone 8S for next year in the month September i.e. 10 months from now. Unlike the gap between the iPhone 7 and iPhone 8 this time Apple is expected to resort to its old naming schemes like the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6S.

Apple iPhone 8s

Coming to the display, the iPhone 8 was a 4.7 inch sized OLED Retina Display smartphone and the bezel-less smartphone is made available only in the iPhone X. But now iPhone 8s is expected to come with an altogether bezel-less display. But this bezel-less display is not the same which you have seen on the iPhone X. Which means if you were annoyed with display beside the speakers and the front camera of the device showing part information at the top which hinders the smooth user experience. It is believed that Apple is working on a new bezel-less display with its design experts which will address the issue.

Apple iPhone 8s Specifications

And the next big debate was when Apple has decided to ditch the home button in the iPhone X which altogether lead to the ditch of the Touch ID. Since there were many glitches faced in the Face ID feature and there must be at least two authentication mechanisms which work effortlessly it is believed that Apple will replace the Touch ID feature. But it is unclear whether Apple is planning to restore the same on either on the back of the phone or onto the lock button.

The main problem which Apple users would face on the iPhone 8s if the touch ID is on the back surface enabling the users to unlock the phone by placing their fingers anyway on the back would be a problem when they use a full case cover. Thus, Apple might be more or less inclined to embed the Touch ID button on the lock button i.e. similar to the SONY Xperia XZ Premium.

Apple iPhone 8s Camera

Unlike the camera which is used in the predecessor and all the previous phones, it is expected that Apple will step out of the standard 12 MP lens camera to a 13 MP Lens camera for better picture quality. However, the front-facing camera is expected to remain same as the 7 mega pixel will facial beautification feature and the depth effect is expected to be launched in the front camera which means no one can click beautiful selfies in the portrait mode.

One more thing about which every apple user complains is the battery backup of the phone. Though it is expected to increase the same from the last three to four models there was no improvement in the same. Though Apple claims to improve the same with the help of upgrades in the iOS the same has never benefitted the user. But this time it is said to be working on the bigger battery which means actually little more thicker phone than its predecessor.

The iPhone 8s is expected to be powered by an A12 processor which will be eight core, unlike the A11 processor which is only six cores powered which means better computational power and faster operations.

Alongside, it is speculated to increase the RAM to 4GB which makes the phone far more powerful than the iPhone 8 which is powered by a 2GB RAM.

Apple iPhone 8s Colors

The apple officials initially had the thoughts of providing the device in vivid colors, however, it is said that the plan was ditched after Apple has learned the lesson from the failure of the iPhone 5c and launch the phone in Space Grey, Jet Black and Rose Gold colors.

If the rumors are to be believed it is expected that the phone will be coming in the 64 GB, 128 GB and the 256 GB variants and if Apple wants to really give a competition to other smartphone makers Apple is expected to launch even the 320 GB variant.

Apple iPhone 8s Price

The price is expected to start at a range of $1000 and the top variant is expected to be priced at $1500 which make it a little out of pocket for a normal user.