Apple iPhone 8 Camera to sport 3D Laser Sensor for improved AR Experience

iPhone 8 vertical camera
iPhone 8 vertical camera renderOnLeak

Apple is working on a rear-facing 3D laser system to enable better depth detection for augmented reality apps along with more accurate auto-focus in iPhone 8. It is noted that VCSEL (vertical cavity surface-emitting laser) system for the rear camera is used for the phone as speculated by the analysts. It also seems that Apple sources VCSEL components from companies like Lumentum and Finisar.

As per the reports of Fast Company – “VCSEL laser systems calculate the distance the light travels from the laser to the target and back to the sensor, and generate a Time of Flight (TOF) measurement. The system consists of a source (the VCSEL laser), a lens, a detector (sensor), and a processor. The whole thing costs about $2 per phone.”

VCSEL provides a faster and accurate depth measurements for the augmented reality purposes apart from the speedier auto-focusing in the case of taking photograph.

The focus of Apple on augmented reality and ARKit in iOS 11 are not ‘an out of the box’ symptom, as Apple has currently started to concentrate on the above mentioned technical aspect for some time in this year. Recently, it acquired the German Company, SensoMotoric Instruments.

There was a rumor about New 3D camera technology rear-facing camera in the month of November last year. There were leaks towards the multiple design concept that focused on revamped vertical dual-lens camera, suggesting a major camera revamp.

The work on the iPhone 8 would be completed and brought into effect for introduction in the month of September this year. The “rear-facing 3D laser system” would be seen at the back of ‘yet to be released’ iPhone 8, that facilitates AR features including the improving of the camera performance.

As per CNBC Bank of America, Merrill Lynch analysts have suggested that the iPhone 8 will face a delay of 3-4 weeks in shipments due to technological issues on the basis of their conversation with the supply chain sources.