Upcoming Apple Chicago Store look like a MacBook Air from Sky

Chicago Macbook Store
Image Source: DNAinfo Chicago

A new flagship retail is being built in Chicago by Apple Inc. The building has glass walls and a thin carbon fibre roof. The Chicago news site DNAinfo shared the photos of the “being-constructed’ store. The sources reveal the fact that the company has included the attaching of white ‘Apple Logo’ on the store’s roof even though there were no plans of adding it.

The roof’s look resembles that of ‘Apple Notebook’. The roof has closed corners and is a rectangle in shape. The material that is used for the roof looks the same as the silver aluminum of MacBook and MacBook Pro. It has been noticed that Apple has always come up with new ways to expose its new set up.

Even though there are lot many players in the mobile market, Apple stands unique due to its innovative ideas, be it in technology or the reach it creates. It has been seen that the involvement in the new aspirations seen in Apple’s structure of business attracts even those people who have not been its customers yet. Again, the company seems to concentrate on the customer development and for better reach and maintenance of sovereignty in the market.

The new store which is built near the historic Michigan Avenue Bridge and alongside the Chicago River is a homage to¬†architect Frank Lloyd Wright’s Praire Style homes in Chicago by Apple’s longtime partner Foster+Partners.

The plans for building the store had been formulated back in 2015. The building stands at 20,000 square feet, thereby replacing a vacant food court. There are two floors which are built from street level to a walkway, which is next to the north bank of the river.

Apple has not revealed as to when the store would be open for public, noticing the fact that the construction is close to completion.

It is an obvious factor to be thrilled with what Apple comes out, even as a company or as a public importance as such. Known all over the world, the indispensable factor to give the best to the people is the true motivation of Apple’s ideas and its implementations.