Android Oreo Download – Test out new Android 8.0 Features before updating

Android 8.1 Oreo update release date

Post the announcement of the Android 8.0 on Monday by Google, the Android 8.0 OS will be known as Android Oreo. The update would be brought into light very soon once the company confirms the positive note on the testing done on phones.

One should have the Android Beta Program to get the Android Oreo in the device. Once the signing up for Android Beta Program is done, it ensures your device receives the latest beta software once Google makes it available. In other words, your device once signed for this program would get the over-the-air update to install Android Oreo.

The Android Oreo concept has created a lot of buzz due to its amazing features that it includes.

Even though the signing up to the Android Beta Program is not so tough, there seems to be a giant warning in this regard. The only way to revert back to a stable build of Android is to completely wipe your device removing any and all personal information from it.

The user has to stick to the ‘Android Oreo OS‘ with the thought of not returning to Android Nougat.

The things to keep in mind in the case of downloading Android Oreo:

  • One must own a recent Nexus device to take part. The complete list includes the Nexus 5X, Nexus 6P, Nexus Player, Pixel, Pixel XL (it costs $790.01 on the site and the Pixel C tablet.
  • The Android Beta Program page can be visited and sign into your Google account.
  • Once a list of eligible devices linked to your account is seen, you should click on Enroll Device next to the device you want to enroll.
  • Then the ‘terms’ are to be accepted – and the stern warning about reverting back to a stable version of Android — then click Join Beta.

Android Oreo Features :

The features that make the OS look and feel completely different. The picture-in-picture feature makes multitasking more convenient and the password auto-fill in Chrome for Android saves time. Instead of the alerts in case of Android Oreo, one can see a dot appearing next to an app icon that tells you that you have an unread item apart from the ‘pull-down notifications’.

The ‘paste functions’ feature involves the ‘Smart Text Selection’. When a user highlights, say an address, a link to Maps will be displayed next to the standard actions of copy, cut and paste. If a series of digits that looks like a phone number is highlighted, the phone app will be displayed.

The one which every user thinks of is saving battery and ‘Doze’ does it pretty cool. It saves battery by silencing background activity while you’re idle. The system will also flash a badge that lets you know something’s running in the background, like a tracker.

When it comes to security, considering the virus hampering the platform, Android has the feature to scan every app you install on your phone thereby leading to the wiping out the bad ones. Android Oreo gives a heads-up stating that scans are happening and that your apps are safe.

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The feature ‘Google Play Protect’, is meant to give the user relief that your apps aren’t compromised.

Android Oreo and iOS 11 (rivalry has resulted in a better output of feature list respectively) are getting new emojis because the emojis future gives a lot of impressions. Google has completely redesigned its take on emojis for Android Oreo. Seems like the two OS are in the wake of giving the best to their customers.

The whole process seems to be interesting like the introduction of Android Oreo by Google, hence asserting to the usage would for sure make a lot of difference!