Amazon Echo Spot, Echo Button, Echo Connect, Echo Plus & new Fire TV 2017 Announced

Amazon Fire TV 2017

Amazon has introduced four completely new products to its smart-speaker category. The announced 6 new products are an amazing effort by the company. It also wants the customers to concentrate on using its smart assistant Alexa.

The the high-end Echo Plus that doubles as a smarter home hub, the Echo Spot, which is a smart alarm clock with a video screen, wherein there are a set of button accessories aimed at making the Echo more of an entertainment device, the Echo Connect that costs $35 (Approximately, Rs.2,300) and is a speakerphone box that plugs into the traditional landline connection and uses your home phone number, apart from these, the Fire TV whose size has been decreased by the company and finally, the company was seen revealing updates to the Echo (the one that has not been updated from 2014). It plugs entirely into the back of a TV and costs Rs.4,000.

BMW has announced that Alexa-friendly microphones and the voice assistant would be included in selected BMW and Mini models in 2018.

Amazon Echo Connect

Echo speaker remains a cylindrical device, but this model appears slightly shorter and thicker than its $180 predecessor. New finishes, including wood-like “oak” and “walnut” designs, as well as dark gray and charcoal fabric designs along with integrated Dolby sound. It also has “second-generation voice-recognition technology”.

HomePod is priced at $349, so Echo already has an advantage with its $99 price tag. Amazon also has an offer for $50 off if you buy three new Echos.

“For Amazon, the hardware is a means to drive more consumers to be it media or washing powder,” said Geoff Blaber of CCS Insight in a note. “Amazon has the momentum in the smart speaker and voice assistant space. It’s clearly determined to maximize that advantage and use it to spearhead its move deeper into the home.”

Echo Button, that would look at home on any game show set, connect to an Echo device via Bluetooth.

A trivia game demo, where players buzzed in when they knew the answer. Toy giant Hasbro will make a version of Trivial Pursuit that uses the buttons.

Limp also informed that Toy giant Hasbro will make a version of Trivial Pursuit that uses the buttons

The senior vice president of devices, Amazon, Dave Limp said that 5,000 staff have been dedicated to Echo and Alexa.

Again, Alexa – using the $149 (roughly Rs. 9,800) Echo Plus – could make smart home set-up as easy as, screwing in a light bulb.

The demo showed that after twisting the bulb into the socket, the Echo Plus picked it up in a scan for smart devices in the room, named it and was able to control it within 15 seconds.

Echo Spot features a video screen that can play video, display a watch face and be used for video calls. The $130 (roughly Rs. 8,500).

The Echo Spot is a more compact riff on the Echo Show, the video-enabled Echo that debuted earlier this year.

Traditional Echo saw a price drop, to $99 (roughly Rs. 6,520), and a redesign that makes it more compact, a little shorter and a little squatter.

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New “routines” features allow Echo to trigger multiple actions – turning on lights, opening the blinds, starting the coffee maker – from a single phrase such as “Alexa, good morning”.

Amazingly, Both the Echo and Echo Plus will get free outbound calls to any number in the US, Canada, and Mexico, pulling contacts from your smartphone.

After all these, the company would surely want the customers to try its new introductions and is waiting for the said part of innovation to succeed in the market.