Airselfie – a New and Unique Portal Flying Camera for iPhone


Cameras are the most common attracting feature in any of the smartphones in the current world today. The product ‘Airselfie’ portable camera is one which you can hold in your mobile and make it fly with the 20-meter distance from the radius, just to get some of the best shots of the picture.

This small looking, camera, has a small wheel on its body and makes a lot of miracle moves for you to look better on pictures. The product is made to fly out, from the iPhone and the rest is completely an amazing story of this product. There is a remote access in your mobile when the artifact Airselfie has flown away from the phone, based on which the pictures are taken.

The self-timer is used in order to get the same angle on the mirror. It is regarded as an easiest portable flight camera that can be carried anywhere by attaching it to the lower edge of the iPhone. This portable small camera is added as a phone accessory. It makes the ‘phone shell’ into one amazing space to be used.


The matching ‘app’ in the phone can remotely control the camera and the self-timer will allow the alignment of the pictures to be perfect while watching the camera fly away and take your picture, may be single or in a group.

The modes of ‘Airselfie’ are –

  • Self-Timer mode
  • Control Mode
  • Flight Mode

1) The Self-Timer mode: It is the mode where the App interface has two directional buttons to control the distance.

2) Control mode: The virtual interface on the App interface can be a real-time Airselfie.

3) Flight mode: Airselfie mode will allow you to float in the mid-air (virtually) thereby finding the location best for yourself.

The drone is a well-match for the scenario such as the current.

Also, the app of the remote control can display the lens imaging. You can connect to the Airselfie even while not filming. There is low noise due to the usage of the brushless motor. It has a built-in 4G SD card deposit. It also can WIFI the connection phone as in, it can take pictures and can transfer to the photo directly and upload on the social platform.

The product can be charged with a charge and put it back into the pocket anytime. Its size is 6.7 x 6.4 x 1 cm and weighs 52 grams. The product has a built-in 260 mAh battery. A charge can be self-timer to 3 minutes enabling you to change hundred different poses, which means within the allotted time of 3 minutes you could give various different poses.

The product is a two-year project and all the components are patented accordingly. It’s available for pre-order from company’s website.