Indian Women Wrestler Kavita Devi in WWE Wrestling

Kavita Devi in WWE
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An Indian woman wrestler from Haryana, Kavita Devi has proved her best in World Wrestling Entertainment(WWE). She came into the ring in the wrestling event held at Dubai, dressed in salwar kameez and showed her power of performance against the fighter Dakota Kai (Cheree Crowley is a Kiwi professional wrestler of Samoan and Irish descent. ‘Dakota Kai’ is her ring name).

Kavita Devi

The Vice President, WWE Talent Development, Canyon Ceman, said, “Kavita Devi gave a powerful performance at WWE’s 2017 Dubai tryout. She is an athletic and extremely strong woman who exhibited a solid grasp of the fundamentals of sports entertainment, and a passion for developing that will serve her well in WWE’s upcoming Mae Young Classic tournament.”

Known for the fact are the great predecessors in the field, the Indian Wrestlers, namely – ‘Great Khali’ and ‘Jinder Mahal’. It is not a surprise that Kavita did her part well, as for real she has been trained by the professional wrestler and former WWE Champion one and only ‘The Great Khali’.

She became the first Indian women to fight in WWE tournament for women. It is also believed that this Haryana’s ‘power-girl’ is going to compete with 31 other professional wrestlers in WWE.

Kavita Devi is a former competitive powerlifter and South Asian Games gold medal winner who represented India. Kavita Devi in WWE, makes whole India proud of her.

Kavita graciously said “I am honored to be the first Indian woman to wrestle in WWE ring. I hope to use this platform to inspire other Indian women with my performance and make India proud.”

She also revealed “It wasn’t difficult, honestly. I was getting the feeling that I had done my bit in lifting. I had given it all and despite that, I wasn’t getting the kind of recognition or fame that I wanted. I gave it several years but despite the success, kuch missing sa lagta tha. That feeling has vanished ever since I have moved to wrestling now. I am just starting out here but dekho, abhi se celebrity ban gayi hoon”.

Even though Kavita had to face voices of discouragements, the support she received from her family has made her successful in the wrestling field.

She emphasized, “my brother and my husband were instrumental in me getting through this change without any problem. They didn’t let any comments or criticism get to me.”

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India has given equal importance to almost all the sports, thanks to the technology that has brought people together to know and do what they wish to do if given the chance. We would see many more successful sportswomen and men in the future on international platforms!.

Kavita Devi WWE

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Kavita Devi Coach: The Great Khali

Kavita Devi Height: 5’9″

Weight: N/A

Kavita Devi Age: 25 Years

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