IPL 2018 Time Table, Dates, Venues and Schedule of All the Matches

IPL 2018 Time table

Indian Premier League (IPL) enters into 11th edition as the action begins on April 7th, which is not far away. Check here IPL 2018 time table, fixture, schedule of all the matches to be played during this season.

BCCI has announced the IPL 2018 in February 2018, after more than 550 players were auctioned.

Indian Premier League 2018 edition brings back the Chennai Super Kings (CSK) and Rajasthan Royals (RR) back into the league after two years.

IPL 2018 Time Table

The Vivo IPL 11 begins from April 7th and IPL 2018 final is on 27th May. Here is the full schedule:

7 April 2018 MI Vs CSK (Wankhede) 8:00pm
8-April-2018 DD Vs KXIP (Mohali) 4:00pm
8-April-2018 KKR Vs RCB (Eden Gardens) 8:00pm
9-April-2018 SRH Vs RR (Hyderabad) 8:00pm
10-April-2018 CSK Vs KKR (Chennai) 8:00pm
11-April-2018 RR Vs DD (Jaipur) 8:00pm
12-April-2018 SH Vs MI (Hyderabad) 8:00pm
13-April-2018 KXIP Vs RCB (Bengaluru) 8:00pm
14-April-2018 MI Vs DD (Wankhede) 4:00 pm
14-April-2018 SRH Vs KKR (Eden Gardens) 8:00 pm
15-April-2018 RCB Vs RR (Bengaluru) 4:00pm
15-April-2018 CSK Vs KXIP 8:00pm
16-April-2018 KKR Vs DD (Mohali) 8:00pm
17-April-2018 MI Vs RCB (Mumbai) 8:00pm
18-April-2018 RR Vs KKR (Jaipur) 8:00pm
19-April-2018 SRH Vs KXIP (Mohali) 8:00pm
20-April-2018 CSK Vs RR (Chennai) 8:00pm
21-April-2018 KKR Vs KXIP (Kolkata) 4:00pm
21-April-2018 DD Vs RCB (Bengaluru) 8:00pm
22-April-2018 SRH Vs CSK (Hyderabad) 4:00pm

22-April-2018 RR Vs MI (Jaipur) 8:00pm
23-April-2018 KXIP Vs DD (Delhi) 8:00pm
24-April-2018 MI Vs SRH (Mumbai) 8:00pm
25-April-2018 CSK Vs RCB (Bengaluru) 8:00pm
26-April-2018 SRH Vs KXIP (Hyderabad) 8:00pm
27-April-2018 KKR Vs DD (Delhi) 8:00pm
28-April-2018 CSK Vs MI (Chennai) 8:00pm
29-April-2018 RR Vs SRH (Jaipur) 4:00pm
29-April-2018 RCB Vs KKR (Bengaluru) 8:00pm
30-April-2018 CSK Vs DD (Chennai) 4:00pm
01-May-2018 MI Vs RCB (Bengaluru) 8:00pm
02-May-2018 RR Vs DD (Delhi) 8:00pm
03-May-2018 CSK Vs KKR (Kolkata) 8:00pm
04-May-2018 MI Vs KXIP (Indore) 8:00pm
05-May-2018 CSK Vs RCB (Chennai) 4:00pm
05-May-2018 DD Vs SH (Hyderabad) 8:00pm
06-May-2018 MI Vs KKR (Mumbai) 4:00pm
06-May-2018 RR Vs KXIP (Indore) 8:00pm
07-May-2018 SRH Vs RCB (Hyderabad) 8:00pm
08-May-2018 RR Vs KXIP (Jaipur) 8:00pm
09-May-2018 KKR Vs MI (Kolkata) 8:00pm
10-May-2018 DD Vs SRH (Delhi) 8:00pm
11-May-2018 RR Vs CSK (Jaipur) 8:00pm
12-May-2018 KKR Vs KXIP (Indore) 4:00pm
12-May-2018 RCB Vs DD (Delhi) 8:00pm
13-May-2018 CSK Vs SRH (Chennai) 4:00pm
13-May-2018 MI Vs RR (Mumbai) 8:00pm

14-May-2018 KXIP Vs RCB (Indore) 8:00pm
15-May-2018 KKR Vs RR (Kolkata) 8:00pm
16-May-2018 MI Vs KXIP (Mumbai) 8:00pm
17-May-2018 RCB Vs SRH (Bengaluru) 8:00pm
18-May-2018 DD Vs CSK (Delhi) 8:00pm
19-May-2018 RR Vs RCB (Jaipur) 4:00pm
19-May-2018 SRH Vs KKR (Hyderabad) 8:00pm
20-May-2018 DD Vs MI (Delhi) 4:00pm
20-May-2018 CSK Vs KXIP (Chennai) 8:00pm

22-May-2018 TBC Vs TBC, Qualifier 1 (Mumbai) 8:00 pm
23-May-2018 TBC Vs TBC, Eliminator (Pune) 8:00 pm
25-May-2018 TBC Vs TBC, Qualifier 2 (Pune) 8:00 pm

IPL 2018 Final Date & Time:

27-May-2018 TBC Vs TBC, Final (Mumbai) 8:00 pm

The IPL Final tickets will be sold just a week before the game.

So that was the full IPL 2018 time for you. Once the IPL ends, PKL 2018 begins and Kabaddi fans are eagerly waiting for it.