Connected Toys Maker Sphero unveils Lightning McQueen Car for $300

Toys are not dedicated to only young ones. Sphero unveils McQueen, a RC racing toy car that has something elegant to even attracts adults. Lot many RC toys have come into the market to make its mark from the time we have known a replica of racing cars. Some of them just make the mark by their ‘names’.

Sphero, a Colorado based Connected Toys manufacturing company has covered almost all of them in the house and has become one of the popular names relating to cars. It is also well-known brand under the RC toys now. Well-known for the release of toys named BB-8 droid from Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Sphero has unveiled an iOS-Controlled Lightning McQueen racer today. It’s a racing car is the one which is covered with ample hard work. Its front windshield is an LCD screen which shows the car’s animated eyes. Amazing thing is that, the car talks!

More fascinating is its animatronic mouth that moves as the car talks. As per Watt, it is for the first time that the speaker is built into a ‘Sphero toy’.

There is another feature which Sphero calls it as “emotive suspension”. This feature enables the car not only drive around, but also the right and left sides twitch up and down and speak. It moves when there is a tap given on the roof, hood or doors.

The creative director of the ‘Cars franchise’, Jay Ward, who also belongs to Pixar supervised the product along with the suggestions from Bobby Podesta, (supervising animator of Cars 3).

It’s iPhone app has an intuitive interface which helps to drive the car around at speeds of up to 6 miles per hour. Also, Sphero says that one can watch the ‘Cars’ films with the car and it will offer you a live commentary.

Lightning McQueen’s has expressive eyes, which is powered with a 320×120 LCD display. The plastic which is used around the mouth is soft plastic and it seems to be the first toy of  by the company which would actually talk. The McQueen is uploaded with 300 different phrases.

This amazing car has much in store, especially the five capacitive touch sensors, which enable it to respond to the ‘touch’ and quite a bunch of bells and whistles that works the head and tail lights.

As we wait for the newcomer on board, excitement responds to heights. It costs around $300 in the United States and available for pre-order from the official site.