SPECTRA Smart Portable Electric Skateboard starting at $299

Off late we all have seen a range of smart equipment – Smartphone, Smart TV, and now it is the turn of the Portable and Smart Electric Skateboard. The SPECTRA Pro is the only eBoard in the world which is equipped with an ever-learning 3D Posture control, ABS braking and interactive app control. You are, for sure, to have a ride, filled with a difference.

The smart electric skateboard, ‘SPECTRA’ learns body movements and your style of riding. This unique feature enables you to have revolutionary and safe ride. The World’s Most Portable and Intelligent electric personal ride has a Supercar-grade, carbon fiber and magnesium unibody. The product is on the Indiegogo website for backers.

The embedded battery management system in the product monitors every individual battery cell, for an even and efficient distribution. SPECTRA’S battery model has the similar batteries that Telsa.

Specta Mini

Certified with the highest industry safety standards, the skateboard is believed to be intelligent with an intelligent battery. The battery with a 90 minutes full charge runs for a range of 12.4 miles.

‘SPECTRA’ has an additional electromagnetic brake disc to provide instant and reliable braking, which is an amazing feature that vouches the safety of the rider. SPECTRA lights up even in the dark or dim light, not to forget also in a tunnel.

The battery indicator helps the rider to analyze the requirement when it is needed and thereby the skateboard does not run out of source. The product is powered with 3.1″ motors integrated into the wheels. It weighs 12 lbs and measures a length of 19.4 inch. The top speed is up to 15.5 mph.

To accelerate, one has to just lean forward, to reduce the speed lean backward and brake. If you want to move to a particular direction, you just have to tilt your body right or left.

An amazing breakthrough in the field of skateboard is here, grab it and enjoy the ride safely with guaranteed wholesome of experience.

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Written by Meenakshi Vanidasan

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