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Sonu Nigam Shaves Off his Head and Asked Muslim Cleric for the Reward of Rs 10 lakh

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Renowned singer, Sonu Nigam called Alim (the celeb stylist, Alim Hakim) and shaved off his hair on Wednesday after Azan row. He then asked the cleric to reward Alim with Rs 10 lakh for which cleric refuses by saying that Nigam hasn’t completed his all the three conditions.

This all started after Sonu Nigam tweeted on Twitter on Tuesday that the morning Azaan disturbs people due to the loud sound of the loudspeaker. Sonu tweeted, ‘God bless everyone. I’m not a Muslim and I have to be woken up by the Azaan in the morning. When will this forced religiousness end in India’. In the following tweets, Nigam also wrote that Mohammad didn’t have electricity at the time of origination of Islam so this cacophony is not required in the modern time too. He declared the use of loudspeaker for Azaan as ‘gundagardi’. He explained that he is not against of any particular religion and he is secular but disturbing the community for the sake of religion is not justified.

To answer this tweet, a Muslim cleric tweeted that he will reward Rs. 10 lakh to the person who will shave off Nigam’s head and wore him the garland of torn shoes and tour around the country. On Wednesday, Sonu Nigam called Alim Hakim, the celeb stylist for shaving off his head. He stated that he is not doing this in any agitation or as a challenge. He hasn’t tweeted against any religion, he tweeted against the use of loudspeakers. He justified his point by saying that the Muslim stylist Alim would shave off his head as there is no animosity. Being secular means respecting the comfort of everyone and not forcing any religion to the whole community. According to the challenge, the Muslim cleric should reward Rs. 10 lakh to Alim, stated Nigam.

The Kolkata-based Muslim cleric, Syed Sha Atef Ali Al Quaderi is not satisfied still. He stated that till now, Nigam had just shaved off his head; he hadn’t fulfilled other two conditions. In an interview to DNA, Qadri announced the reward of Rs. 10 lakh to the person who would shave off Nigam’s head and put the garland of torn shoes around his neck and then tour him around the country.

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For his own tweet, Nigam says that everyone has right to put his opinion and he did the same. He spoke about a social issue i.e. the use of loudspeakers; his intention was not to bring any religion in between this. Nigam justified loudspeakers for jagaran programs by stating that those programs get over by 10 PM. They follow the rules so that the community would not be disturbed.

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