Shah Rukh Khan clarifies his TED Talk on AbRam not Aryan’s ‘Love Child’

Shahrukh Khan
Shahrukh Khan | Source: Wikimedia (Licensed under CC by CC0)

A few minutes ago, the glimpse of Shah Rukh Khan’s TED Talks in Vancouver might have hit your phone, laptops to update you, where the actor was being invited to share his experience of ‘humanity, fame & love’. While sharing the experiences of the journey, Shah Rukh also discussed the demerits of Internet usages, which has recently got viral about his family and left the entire family disturbed.

We are well aware of the fact that four years back, Shah Rukh Khan and Gauri Khan became the proud parents of their third child AbRam. After the birth of AbRam which is considered to be the result of surrogacy, gave media to discuss the high-profile celebrity couple’s personal life.

During that phase, the couple was trapped into the controversy of sex determination of the child revolving around the surrogacy and both of them faced setbacks. In between this, reports came out that claimed AbRam to be the son of Shah Rukh Khan’s eldest son Aryan Khan, whose age was only 15 at that time.

This incident drove the whole family into tensions because of the fake news in social media, but everyone is well aware of Shah Rukh’s witty nature which proved by his comments, “My son who is 19 now, even now when you say ‘Hello’ to him, he just turns around and says, ‘But bro, I didn’t even have a European driving license”.