Sanskrit epics The Mahabharata & Ramayana soon to be taught at Harvard University

Mahabharata in Harvard university

The Mahabharata and the Ramayana, two important Sanskrit epics of India, now will be taught in the Harvard University as well. An epic is an extensive poem that has been composed in an elevated style, that treats a pivotal epoch in the past of a particular people, and that endures because it both entertains its audiences and educates them on issues of ultimate importance.

The course relating to the above has been named, “Indian Religions through Their Narrative Literature’s” – an examination of the religious traditions and communities of South Asia through the stories they tell.

Anne E. Monius, the Professor of South Asian Religions at the University is going to be focusing on the teaching of the same from this academic session onward.

Its worth being proud for ourselves as Indians and also an intimation that we need to be strong on our tradition has to be inculcated, especially within the new generation and le them and ourselves know that our culture even though modernization and other technological factors hit our soil, is well recognized.

Visions of Vyasa and Valmiki that are attractive to readers/viewers:

Mahabharata is regarded as a tale of cataclysmic war and loss, the Ramayana is one of India’s great stories that classifies structural aspect and levels for respect for each and every relationship, be it for the parents, brothers or for a wife. The epic focuses on complexities of dharma or ethics in the text.

Again, Mahabharata contains the Bhagavad Gita, literally “Song of the Lord”, Krishna, who disguised as a charioteer, is seen revealing himself to the human warrior, Arjuna.

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The course at Harvard is expected to include and cover more than one genres, considering Sanskrit textual epic traditions, along with the dance performances, shadow puppet plays, modern fictional retellings, and televised renditions of the stories.

Earlier, Harvard University press launched a book on “Amar, Akbar and Anthony” movie, educating students in brotherhood and friendship ethics.

On the whole, the epics will easily cross genres – both in terms of history and the current day.