Samsung is Working on the Solid State Batteries

Image by Hans Olav Lien Source: Wikimedia (Licensed under CC by CC0)

Samsung, after facing the issue related to the explosion of devices in the case of ‘Samsung Galaxy Note 7’, recently Galaxy J7 2016, is now working on the solid state batteries. SDI is doing the development of these batteries as per the sources from Korea.

These solid state battery would be ready in about one or two years and the same would be used on the company’s smartphones. It is also speculated that these batteries could be used in electric cars, however, that would be planned for the year 2025.

The solid state batteries are much better and safe as per Samsung because these are not like the lithium-ion batteries which are at huge risk of catching up fire or explode when it comes in contact with air or liquid.

One of the unnamed executives of the company said “Our technological level to produce a solid-state battery for smartphones will be mature enough in one to two yearsHowever, it depends on Samsung Electronics whether it will be used for phones,

Sources also reveal that the companies like LG is also working on solid state batteries as well. Toyota has the most advanced solid-state battery tech in the world for cars and is seeming to hit the market by 2020, much earlier than what Samsung has planned for its solid state batteries launch for cars.

More and more care is taken by the tech companies in terms of safety of the users as they have realized that to stay in the market, the market has to love the company. This Samsung has adhered to and is taking care of the issues that emerged in the past by making sure that the incident should not be repeated again so as to keep up its reputation. More changes would be expected in future and us as customers or audience will have to wait for them to be brought to light by the company.