Samsung to build World’s Largest OLED Display Factory

Image by Hans Olav Lien Source: Wikimedia (Licensed under CC by CC0)

Samsung subsidiary, ‘The Samsung Display’ is planning to open a manufacturing plant which would be termed as the world’s biggest OLED manufacturing plant. The manufacturing plant will have more than 30 percent higher production capacity which compared to the current scenario of the Samsung factory is much bigger.

The South Korean consumer electronics giant is into establishing the biggest factory of ‘organic light-emitting diode’ (OLED) basically because of the current demand for the same by companies like Apple, who is going to introduce the OLED screen aspect in its iPhone 8 series. The company is also seen to be expanding the existing A3 plant from the second half of 2015.

It has been reported that Apple has ordered 70-92 million OLED panels from Samsung for its device. The Korean website ETNews reports that the plant is located at Cheonin and Asan and would cost around $1.75 billion for construction and $14 billion for equipment for OLED fabrication. The plants are constructed at Korea and the total cost for two facilities will be $21 billion.

A5, Samsung’s sixth generation flexible OLED production line, has the production capacity of 180,000 panels per month and up to 270,000 panels per month. The Apple iPhone is speculated to have 5.8-inch edge-to-edge OLED panel with a 5.1-inch practical area including a 3D facial scanner

The report from ETNews stated ”If Samsung Display greatly increases its output, it can reduce the price even more. If it secures output, technologies, and price before the appearance of new businesses on full-scale, it can create an enormous entry barrier”. As per the report, no mass production is anticipated till some time.

In whatsoever prospect the manufacturing unit is planned to be opened, Apple, is trying to maintain the orders by concentrating on the technological aspect right from the start and this time it is the ‘OLED’. Also, this interest of Apple Inc in ‘OLED’ would give Samsung a strong reason to provide one of its end products, ‘The OLED’, which is reliable.

The concept of ‘OLED’ is already floated in the market and is going to create a buzz for the same and in some places, it has already started to create.